Friday, May 07, 2010

April in Review - Liam

1 - gorgeous weather! Goes outside in just a onesie.

2 - first trip to the park - and Daddy gets a new job!

3 - Grandpa, Grandma, and Aunt Lindsay visit - many cuddles for Liam!

4 - first Easter! Family portrait at church.

5 - first trip to the zoo

6 - out in very windy weather for soccer uniform handout - and sleeps through it

7 - sleeps better sitting in carseat than he does lying down

8 - consistently snoozes when car is moving

9 - relaxes in stroller at Bryn's first soccer practice

10 - Hailey's first birthday party - all the moms take turns holding little Liam

11 - sleeps in carseat during church service at Connection Pointe

12 - likes to lay on Mommy and Daddy's big bed

13 - crazy mohawk hair! (compliments of Daddy, using baby oil and stying gel)

14 - still will only drink out of Haberman bottle, with occassional attempts at nursing

15 - likes to watch mobile rotate on swing

16 - playdate at Elizabeth M's house - but Liam and Nathan F are too little to even notice each other

17 - Brett's 2nd birthday party - Liam stays inside because of chilly weather

18 - prefers to drink out of bottle propped on blankets, rather than when someone is holding him (uh-oh!)

19 - good with grasping - especially likes to hold Mommy's fingers

20 - Aunt Kristin babysits and Liam cries every time she tries to put him down

21 - first time at Connection Pointe's Mom to Mom group

22 - Bryn likes to sing "rock star bay-be!" because of Liam's star and guitar shirt

23 - lots of cuddles from the big kids while eating dinner at the W's

24 - Bryn and Shay both love to hold their little brother

25 - family dedication class at church

26 - gorgeous grin - loves to smile in response with people smile at him

27 - sleeping 4-5 hour stretches at night, but not consistently

28 - Bryn blames Daddy for Liam's "crazy hair"

29 - first trip to the Children's Museum - fairly alert and interested

30 - loves to cuddle

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