Friday, May 07, 2010

April in Review - Bryn

I'm a little behind with posting the calendar updates for the kids this month, but here we go...

1 - picks long pieces of grass to "feed to lambs and dogs"

2 - Daddy gets a promotion at work!

3 - Grandpa, Grandma, and Aunt Lindsay visit and play at the park with Bryn

4 - Happy Easter! Bryn loves seeking eggs and helping Shay to do it too

5 - trip to the zoo with Lauren and Parker. Bryn likes walking along the railroad tracks.

6 - Uncle Brian comes over to say goodbye before moving to Los Angeles

7 - very bad at listening to Mommy and Daddy - nearly always needs instructions repeated

8 - Bryn makes Shay laugh by filling her crib with all her stuffed animals, then getting in to play with her

9 - Bryn's first soccer practice - she cries because the other kids aren't "sharing" the ball with her

10 - Hailey's 1st birthday party - Bryn and Hannah love throwing balls down at the adults from upstairs landing

11 - great at coloring inside the lines

12 - loves to check on and water the seeds she planted with Daddy

13 - learns about farm animals at school

14 - loves to watch the singing parts of "Glee" with Mommy

15 - learns about springtime and planting seeds at school

16 - reluctant to go to soccer, but thinks Coach Steve is hilarious once she gets there

17 - Brett's 2nd birthday party. Bryn wants to see his room and then wants to get out all his toys.

18 - talks Brenden's ear off during Sunday school class in Kangaroos - still has a big crush on him

19 - loves to color in Crayola Color Wonder books

20 - Aunt Kristin babysits and bakes a cake with the girls

21 - loves to use scissors to cut, and is very good at staying along the lines

22 - starts practicing for end-of-the-year program at St A's

23 - goes to her own class (instead of Shay's) during Mommy's MOPS meeting

24 - fighting often with Shay, but always nice to Liam

25 - checks out a Miss Pattycake DVD from church library and loves it

26 - likes to use scissors to trim long grass and dandelion stems

27 - learns about ladybugs at school

28 - likes to stand on a chair to dance - and tries to choreograph for Shay too

29 - Children's Museum with E's, W's, and L's. Bryn loves the horses that go up and down on the carousel.

30 - has fun on Chick-Fil-A playground with Chris and Audrey

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Andrea said...

Seriously, you are my hero. I'm lucky to remember to write down the important things. Dang it, still need to go write down when Hailey got her 1st tooth before I forget the date altogether - LOL.