Monday, May 31, 2010

Family Camp (Part 2)

Other favorite moments of this past Saturday at Tecumseh Family Camp...

This may sound silly, but one of my favorite parts was eating in the dining hall with the kids. Bryn was so excited to go in early and be a "hopper" with me (meaning set the table, although she actually did it while hopping--lol!). I don't think I've ever heard them use so many "pleases" and "thank yous" at the table. They drank big glasses of water without so much as murmuring about apple juice. They were excited to clean up their own dishes at the end of the meal. But the very, very best part was how excited they got about singing grace with the whole dining hall of people at the beginning of the meal. We use many of the Tecumseh graces at our own house, and Bryn's absolute favorite is the "Johnny Appleseed" blessing. As we were setting our family's table for dinnertime, my normally shy little girl asked me if she could ask one of the weekend coordinators if we could sing that one for dinner. Of course I said yes, and so did he when she asked. She was absolutely thrilled to sing it, and Shay recognized it immediately and said, "Mommy, that our special song!" I melted.

Back when I actually worked at camp, I never really cared about the mini-farm. I could count on one hand the amount of times I went to see it, and most of those were during staff training weeks. Then again, my cabins of 14 and 15 year old girls didn't really care about pigs and chickens. My 2 and 4 year old daughters do. The mini-farm has been a huge hit with them during each of our last two visits. Here's Shay making friends with some of the more recent additions.
After our trail rides and time at the mini-farm, we relaxed for a while on the river pavillion. The girls chowed down on fruit snacks and played carpetball, and I cuddled Tecumseh's smallest camper.

As I mentioned in my last post, we took the kids up to see the suspension bridge over the lake in the afternoon. They had a great time looking out at the lake, and Ben had a great time making them squeal by swinging it. :)
Ever since we told Bryn that we were going to camp, she has been asking for the "silly songs." We actually sing Tecumseh songs (chapel, flagpole, campfire, you name it) all the time at our house, but Mommy and Daddy just never seem to achieve the same level of goofiness as the counselors up front at campfires. So from dinnertime on, Bryn asked, "Is it time for songs yet?" about every two minutes. When the campfire started, she was thrilled.... and we were hard-pressed to keep her from joining the staff up front. Here she is with "thumbs up, elbows back, knees bent, toes together, rump out, head back, tongue out," singing her little heart out."
All in all, such a great day! Can't wait to make a return trip on Labor Day weekend. And Bryn is already begging to be sent to Day Camp when she turns 5!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Family Camp

This Saturday, we drove up to our beloved Camp Tecumseh to enjoy Family Camp. Technically this is a Friday through Sunday event, but we didn't figure that anyone (including us) would want to share a cabin with our children, so we just made it a day trip. Bryn remembered all the fun from last fall. Shay said she did too, but it's hard to say if she really did or if she was just repeating what her big sister said. In any case, both girls were in a fever pitch of excitement before we even got there and hit the ground running.

Here's my little "I only wear dresses" princess after willingly crawling on her belly through the dark, scary, filthy underground "mine shaft" of Fort Discovery. I love that camp encourages kids to try things they'd never do at home--and love them!

Here's our "happy camper" on his first trip to Tecumseh. He held up great and seemed to enjoy himself in spite of the heat. And let it be said that I was far more comfortable than I was during our trip last fall, when I was dragging my pregnant, ankle-swollen, migraine-laden self through all the activities!
During our last trip to camp, the thing that Bryn loved best was the trail ride. In fact, she loved it so much that she did it twice. During that trip, she rode a horse named Minnie twice. She remembered all of this and begged us for Minnie for days before this trip. We explained to her that we didn't get to choose, so she very politely asked the stable crew when we got there. Luckily they were able to grant her request. Although I did walk along and guide the horse, she handled it well, patting her and giving directions. And she totally cracked me up with her conversation. At one point during the ride, she turned to me and said sweetly, "It's a beautiful day for a horse ride!" Here they are again: Brynie and Minnie.

If one can measure dedication to camp by the age at which trail rides begin, then we are definitely camp crazies, as our two-year-old rode a horse this time around. She begged and begged in the days preceding our trip, and since we know and trust the Tecumseh equestrian trainers and are quite familiar with the trail (having walked it once a week during each week that we worked there), we decided to go for it. The helmet was far too big for her, so we'll be packing her bike helmet the next time we go, but aside from that, it was a perfect experience. In fact, she (okay, Ben) seemed to have far better control of her horse than the girl who rode in between she and Bryn! (This is no doubt due to me and Ben's awesome horse-guiding.... and pile-of-poop dodging.... skills.) Shay's pony was named Flicka, and she hasn't stopped talking about her yet. We may have two little future equestrians on our hands! As for Liam, he didn't get to ride a horse yet (since he can't sit upright on his own yet and all), but he did join us for the trail ride, carried by Ben in the Baby Bjorn.

We decided to forego lake activities this time on account of the boy cub, but we did take the kids up to the suspension bridge, which we had not done last time. Before we even got to exploring the bridge itself, though, they got up close and personal with some nature in the form of this cute little turtle.... don't worry, no touching was allowed.
We have tons more great stories and pictures, so I'll have to pick up at this point later, but for the time being, sleep calls. Good night, friends!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Sweet Little Boy

For all you Baby Liam fans out there (which should be all of you!!), here's a video of the little man himself. Couldn't let him feel neglected amidst all the recent video action of his big sisters! He doesn't actually do much besides look cute in this video.... but then, that's what he does best!!

As of today, I finally got my act together enough to get allo his 3-6 month clothes washed and in his drawers. I've been really sad to put his 0-3 month things away, but there's just no way he's fitting in them anymore. He just looks so big to me! So out of curiousity, I took a look at Bryn and Shay's baby calendars. Shay weighed in at 12 lb 10 oz at four months. Bryn (who was rejected for life insurance as a baby because her BMI earned her the label of "obese") was 12 lb 8 oz at three months. But our little man was 12 lb 12 oz at a mere two months! He was also bigger at birth, and I know boys tend to be bigger in general, but good grief--no wonder he looks so big to me!! I'm going to take him in for a weight check this coming week to see how he's measuring at 3 months.

He's also ahead on milestones. I shouldn't be too shocked by this, I guess, since he started rolling from belly to back when he was less than two weeks old! But he's darn close to rolling from back to front as well. Every time I put him down on a flat surface, he immediately starts trying to roll, and he gets SO mad that his arm keeps getting in the way and he can't get all the way over yet. So he's spending a lot of time on his side right now. He's also a master of scooting. I put him down on his play mat and before I know it, he's rotated himself 180 degrees from where I put him. He kind of keeps his head in the same spot and rotates around there, but he's also been known to move his entire body. I think we're going to have a hard time keeping up with him as he gets bigger!
He drinks milk voraciously and would be totally content to be sucking down a bottle constantly, if only I had time to give him one around the clock. Silly sisters needing attention too.... He smacks his little lips to tell us that he's hungry (all the time!) and is already working the tongue-push reflex. Although I waited a little longer with the girls, I wonder if he'll be ready to start solids right at four months.
And so, tonight I leave you with the latest image of our future rock star:

Tomorrow: baby's first trip to Camp T!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Glee Thirteen

I have literally been trying all day long to upload a video of Liam, but apparently Blogger hates me today. So I'll put that on hold right now and instead, in order to maintain my daily blogging goal, I give you....

Thursday Thirteen: 13 Reasons I Love "Glee"

(WARNING: much cheesiness is about to ensue. I know that some of this makes me sound like a pathetic, over-the-top devotee. I'm okay with that. It's been at least five years since I cared enough about any television show in order to watch it regularly, so I figure I'm definitely due for some fan-aticism.)

1. "Cheesy teen singing and dancing" and "cult classic" are both equally accurate descriptors of this show.

2. Variety. Nowhere else can you find Billy Joel, Aerosmith, the Crash Test Dummies, and Les Miserables existing side-by-side.

3. Even a skeptic like Ben has to get on board with the episode "Dream On," which guest starred Neil Patrick Harris (who I will always think of as Doogie Houser, but Ben loves as Dr. Horrible).

4. Speaking of "Dream On," it was directed by Joss Whedon, creator of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," "Angel," and "Firefly"..... which makes him sheer legend in our house.

5. Male vocals. I love male harmonizing, which is probably why I'm such a big fan of Butler's a capella group Out of the Dawg House. Glee's versions of "For a Girl" and "Beth" made me tear up a little.

6. The recent Rachel/Shelby duets. I usually feel lukewarm at best about female duets, but their voices are just perfection together. "On My Own" gave me chills, and "Poker Face" was even better.

7. Brittany's one-liners. "I'm pretty sure my cat is reading my diary."

8. I never know who to root for. Rachel, Finn, Puck, Quinn, and now Jesse... who should go with who? Not to mention Will, Emma, and Terry (who is an utterly hatable character, yet had a totally justified diatribe in "Vitamin C" last season). And Artie and Tina.

9. Quinn and Puck (and Brittany and Santana to a lesser extent) are set up as complete stereotypes at the beginning of the show, only to allow us to watch them evolve through the rest of the show.

10. Mike Chang. I have no idea why, but I really love this character. He rarely ever gets lines, and we have basically no backstory on him, but I just love him. He's a great dancer, and he has the best facial expressions in the background. I keep hoping that they will develop his character further.

11. Who remembered Madonna having so many great songs? While I could have done without the whole "Like A Virgin" montage (seriously, folks, my kids watch this show with me sometimes), all the outfits in the background during the "Borderline/Open Your Heart" mashup cracked me up.

12. As one who works in education in central Indiana, I'm obliged to love the references to Carmel High School as the big rival. Yes, this is actually a reference to the local Carmel HS.

13. The flash mob in "Dream On." Awesome.

You know what's notable absent from this list? Sue Sylvester. While she totally makes the show for some people, I'd be fine without her. Not really a fan.

As a former Performing Arts Center manager and show choir devotee, I love this show. Ben is predicting a surge of show choir participation and popularity a few years from now as a result, as the younger kids watching this show get into high school. I'm all for that.

For those of you who have sat through this little tribute with me even though you have no interest in the show, thank you.... I promise I will continue working on uploading that video of Liam. :)

For the rest of you adult "Glee" fans, weigh in on this. What are your favorites? Please tell me I'm not alone here....

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I know I've been kind of heavy on posts featuring Bryn lately, although I guess that makes sense, considering the number of "end of the year" events she's had in the past few weeks. But as so not to neglect my other sweet kiddos, here's a recent video of Shay:

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Brynie's Big Guns

I took this video at the same time that I took the pictures of our brick project. I really intended just to film Bryn carrying the bricks and laying them in her pile oh-so-precisely, but then what she said about it was so hilariously unexpected.... I credit Ben. :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Magic Marker Monday

Apparently my scan cut off the top of this picture, but it's so sweet that I wanted to post it anyway. Bryn woke up yesterday morning and spent some time coloring in her room before breakfast. When she came out, she brought this with her. Here's her explanation:

"That is Jesus dying on the cross. And that is Mary. She is crying because she is so sad that he is dead."

My favorite part is that she knew to draw three crosses with Jesus on the middle one. Ben's favorite part is the arrows pointing at Jesus and Mary. :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Building Bricks

Here's a preview of our latest spring/summer project. Daddy has some big helpers for building the brick border and working on the landscaping!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tiny Dancer

I don't know what the tap-dancing equivalent pf a "prima ballerina" is. . . . but here she is! :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Fill-In #177

1. Hearing my girls laughing together never fails to make me smile.
2. I'm looking forward to all the fun and new activities that summer will bring.

3. Ben reading the girls a bedtime story is what I'm listening to right now.
4. Potato salad must have deviled eggs in it! (I'm actually not a huge fan of potato salad, but our friends have brought over this potato salad/deviled egg combo a few times, and it's pretty yummy.)

5. A chocolate/peanut butter shake from Dairy Queen was the best thing I ate today.

6. Today was a lot of time spent on finishing up my MOPS newsletter.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to going to sleep (that's all that's left tonight!), tomorrow my plans include a super-busy day of the Bburg garage sale, my MOPS end-of-the-year BBQ, Lyla's first birthday party, and Bryn's dance recital, and Sunday, I want to go to church and go to Hannah's 4th birthday party.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Last Day of School

Today was Bryn's last day of school for the year. Sitting there and watching her final program this morning, I felt like the entire school year had passed in the blink of an eye. It seemed like just days ago that I was sitting in that same pew, watching her end of the year program last year.

Last year, she stood and sat at the appropriate times, but that was about it. She didn't sing any of the songs or do any of the motions, even though she often did them at home. At several points, she lifted her dress over her head, revealing that yes, she was 3 1/2 years old and still wearing diapers. Last year, she was still my shy little girl.

This year, I purposely put her longest dress on her, just in case there was a repeat of the dress-lifting, but there wasn't. She sang and danced her little heart out. Watching her compared to some of the younger kids in the class, I could hardly believe how far she's come in just a year.

Some days, she's still my baby. But then there will be a moment, a twist of the head, a particularly profound one-liner, and I get this glimpse of the girl she's growing up to be.

Oh, what a miracle is she.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wordless Shay

Suggested captions?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Grandparents, you've got to watch this. And so does anybody else who enjoys preschool dance recitals. Or a good chuckle.

Tonight was Bryn's last dance class of the year, and the parents were invited in for a preview of the number for this weekend's recital. Too, too cute.

Bryn is obviously quite proud of her own performance. And who wouldn't be? She's adorable. But then, I'm a little biased. What do you think? Headed for stardom, no? ;)

Monday, May 17, 2010


While riding in the car.....

Me: I'm not sure if I like my new phone. The keys are just so little! I have smaller hands than most people, but I keep hitting the wrong ones by mistake.

Ben: Yeah, but you didn't grow up in the generation where you've been texting for your whole life. Some 12 year old would have no problem with those keys.

Me: Seriously, what 12 year old has a Blackberry?!?!

Ben: You'd be surprised....

Me: Well, our kids won't. No Blackberries for our girls! Unless, of course, Blackberries are the only phones they make by the time our kids turn 12....

Bryn (from the backseat) (crying): But the girls love blackberries! We want blackberries!

Ben: What?!?!

Bryn: But, Daddy, they're yummy. Your girls want blackberries!

Me: Oh, the fruit.... Yes, Bryn, you can have that.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Song: Before The Morning

I heard this song on the radio for the first time this week and it really touched me. Enjoy!

"Before The Morning"
by Josh Wilson

Do you wonder why you have to
Feel the things that hurt you
If there’s a God who loves you where is He now

Maybe there are things you can’t see
And all those things are happening
To bring a better ending

Someday somehow you’ll see you’ll see

Would you dare would you dare to believe
That you still have a reason to sing
Cause the pain that you’ve been feeling
It can’t compare to the joy that’s coming
So hold on you gotta wait for the light
Press on and just fight the good fight
Cause the pain that you’ve been feeling
It’s just the dark before the morning

My friend you know how this all ends
You know where you’re going
You just don’t know how you’ll get there
So say a prayer

And hold on cause there’s good for those who love God
But life is not a snapshot
It might take a little time but you’ll see the bigger picture

Once you feel the weight of glory
All your pain will fade to memory

It’s just the hurt before the healing
Oh the pain that you’ve been feeling
It’s just the dark before the morning

Saturday, May 15, 2010


This week, one of our local elementary schools set up a putt-putt course. The high ability fourth and fifth grade class designed and built the entire 18 hole course. It was incredibly well-run, also featuring food donations from local places, music, and other games. It was open all this week, and in spite of having several rainy days, the kids raised over $8000 to donate to help people with spinal cord injuries. Very, very cool.

Here's a few shots of our little golfers in action:
"I like golf! It not scary!" - an actual quote from Shay

Interesting form, Bryn.
"I know my ball is under here somewhere!"

Jumping up and down - "I did it!"

First father/son golf outing

Friday, May 14, 2010

Soccer Girl

Bryn has gotten over her early objections to soccer and now loves going to practice. She has already told me that she wants to play again next year! Here's our little athlete in action:

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Our kids are very, very lucky to have had both remaining great-grandmothers visit them in the month of May. Ben's maternal grandmother was able to come for Liam's dedication. The girls loved reading stories with her!

Tonight, Ben's paternal grandmother and her husband came to visit us. They live in Florida for the winter and Michigan for the summer, so they are spending the night with us during their trip north. Grandma has gotten lots of good cuddles from all 3 kids, and the girls think Al is hilarious.
What lucky kiddos to have so many people who love them!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wordless Kisses

Suggested captions?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dedication (Part 2)

In my original post about Liam's dedication, I mentioned my unfortunate lack of a camera during the event itself. Many thanks to both Ben's mom and my mom for sharing their pictures with me. Here are a few of my favorites:

Monday, May 10, 2010


A few of the recently memorable comments out of my girls:

Bryn: Mickey goes with Minnie. Donald goes with Daisy. But Mom, does Goofy have a girlfriend?
Me: No, I don't think he does.
Bryn: Why not?
Me: I don't know, sweetie.
(Bryn thinks for a moment)
Bryn: She must have died and gone to heaven.
(demonstrating her new obsession with "dying and going to heaven"..... thanks to Grammy Tina for bringing that one on by telling Bryn stories of her childhood dog)


Shay: Where my daddy go?
Me: He's at work.
Shay: Oh.... to get the moneys?
(yes, little girl, since we spend them all on you!)

(when trying to convince me to give her something she wants...)
Bryn: But I am sooooo sad! Look, there are tears in my eyes!(and sure enough, there are, every time she says this. Apparently my 4-year-old can cry on command if it means getting her own way.)

Shay: I love Baby Jesus. He my friend.
(I melt. But then, a few minutes later....)
Shay: I no let Baby Jesus take my cereal!
(apparently He was trying to swipe her breakfast.... sneaky Savior!)

Sunday, May 09, 2010

What A Difference

What a difference a year can make.

Last year, Mother's Day was not a good time for me. I spent most of the day crying. I had experienced my third miscarriage eight months earlier, and my due date had come and gone during the week of Mother's Day.

We had been trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant again ever since the miscarriage. While I've had many problems sustaining pregnancies, I'd never had a hard time getting pregnant before. Many of the previous five pregnancies had occurred on our first attempts. So eight months of trying with no baby had convinced me that we were not going to be able to have another.

By May, I had been undergoing fertility treatments for five months. At first the treatments were just to reduce the risk of miscarriage, but by May, we were also hoping to increase my chances of getting pregnant. But nothing had worked, and we were out of money to keep trying.

In April, my head of school had told me that I didn't have a job for the next year. By May, I had spent a month dragging myself to school in spite of a deep depression about being dismissed without legitimate reason. Every day was a struggle, and I could hardly wait for the end of the year. Compounding that was the knowledge that once I was no longer earning a paycheck, we would no longer be able to afford fertility treatments.

So I knew that May was my last chance to get pregnant under a doctor's care, thus reducing the risk of miscarriage, and in my mind, pretty much my "last chance" to get pregnant at all. I was staring down the barrel of unemployment and anticipated financial difficulties. I spent the day mourning the loss of the three babies I had miscarried and despairing over my inability to have another one. In spite of lots of cuddles and love from Ben and the girls, it was a very sad day for me.

A month later, in June, I got pregnant. Without any fertility treatments. And I sustained the pregnancy. And this March, my perfect little boy joined our family. God is so good!

So this Mother's Day has already been made perfect by kisses and cuddles with my little boy, and seeing how his big sisters adore him and want to be with him all the time. Our family is in a very good place. What a difference a year can make!

Friday, May 07, 2010

April in Review - Liam

1 - gorgeous weather! Goes outside in just a onesie.

2 - first trip to the park - and Daddy gets a new job!

3 - Grandpa, Grandma, and Aunt Lindsay visit - many cuddles for Liam!

4 - first Easter! Family portrait at church.

5 - first trip to the zoo

6 - out in very windy weather for soccer uniform handout - and sleeps through it

7 - sleeps better sitting in carseat than he does lying down

8 - consistently snoozes when car is moving

9 - relaxes in stroller at Bryn's first soccer practice

10 - Hailey's first birthday party - all the moms take turns holding little Liam

11 - sleeps in carseat during church service at Connection Pointe

12 - likes to lay on Mommy and Daddy's big bed

13 - crazy mohawk hair! (compliments of Daddy, using baby oil and stying gel)

14 - still will only drink out of Haberman bottle, with occassional attempts at nursing

15 - likes to watch mobile rotate on swing

16 - playdate at Elizabeth M's house - but Liam and Nathan F are too little to even notice each other

17 - Brett's 2nd birthday party - Liam stays inside because of chilly weather

18 - prefers to drink out of bottle propped on blankets, rather than when someone is holding him (uh-oh!)

19 - good with grasping - especially likes to hold Mommy's fingers

20 - Aunt Kristin babysits and Liam cries every time she tries to put him down

21 - first time at Connection Pointe's Mom to Mom group

22 - Bryn likes to sing "rock star bay-be!" because of Liam's star and guitar shirt

23 - lots of cuddles from the big kids while eating dinner at the W's

24 - Bryn and Shay both love to hold their little brother

25 - family dedication class at church

26 - gorgeous grin - loves to smile in response with people smile at him

27 - sleeping 4-5 hour stretches at night, but not consistently

28 - Bryn blames Daddy for Liam's "crazy hair"

29 - first trip to the Children's Museum - fairly alert and interested

30 - loves to cuddle

April in Review - Shay

1 - gorgeous weather! Plays outside on swingset and blows bubbles

2 - lunch with Daddy at park near his work; loves playing on playground - very adventurous

3 - Grandpa, Grandma, and Aunt Lindsey visit for the day

4 - loves wearing her Easter dress so much that she insists on keepign bloomers and tights on with her pajamas

5 - trip to the zoo with Lauren and Parker. Shay is scared of the dolphins.

6 - Uncle Brian comes over for one last visit before moving to Los Angeles

7 - has started waking up crying in the night and wants to be cuddled

8 - Bryn makes Shay laugh by filling her crib with all her stuffed animals while Shay is in it

9 - Bryn's first soccer practice - Shay is on the field with the big kids and desperately wants a ball to kick!

10 - Hailey's 1st birthday party - Shay loves throwing plastic balls down from the upstairs landing with Bryn and Hannah

11 - likes to cuddle in the big bed with Mommy, Daddy, and Bryn before going to bed in her own crib

12 - incredibly fussy - cries all morning and only wants Mommy to hold her

13 - thinks that shopping at Dollar General (which she calls "the kid store") is the greatest

14 - loves to watch the singing parts of "Glee" (which she calls "Gee") with Mommy

15 - loves her blue water bottle with the straw, compartment for snacks, and carrying strap - wants to take it everywhere

16 - more excited about Bryn's soccer practice than Bryn is - especially now that she has her own ball to kick around the sidelines

17 - Brett's 2nd birthday party - Shay loves running around and playing in the sandbox with Brett, Bryn, and Hannah

18 - goes to her own Sunday school class (Turtles) at 9:30 and Bryn's class (Kangaroos) at 11:00 while Daddy works in there

19 - comes crying to Mommy over everything - very fussy, wants to be cuddled and held all the time

20 - Aunt Kristin babysits and bakes a cake with the girls

21 - declares that Hannah is her "best friend"

22 - loves "pink bagels" (cranberry bagels with strawberry cream cheese) from Einstein Brothers

23 - rainy weather means Shay gets to carry around her beloved Dora umbrella

24 - loves to hold her baby brother (with Mommy or Daddy's supervision)

25 - checks out a Miss Pattycake DVD from the church library and loves it

26 - watchs "Alvin and the Chipmunks" movie and thinks the chipmunks are cute

27 - loves all things "Dora" - fruit snacks, DVDs, and shoes

28 - Shay and Bryn love to play nakie chase after baths

29 - Children's Museum with E's, W's, and L's. Shay is afraid of the dinosaurs but loves the Playscape water area.

30 - loves to open the door to walk in and out of Chick-Fil-A playplace over and over again

April in Review - Bryn

I'm a little behind with posting the calendar updates for the kids this month, but here we go...

1 - picks long pieces of grass to "feed to lambs and dogs"

2 - Daddy gets a promotion at work!

3 - Grandpa, Grandma, and Aunt Lindsay visit and play at the park with Bryn

4 - Happy Easter! Bryn loves seeking eggs and helping Shay to do it too

5 - trip to the zoo with Lauren and Parker. Bryn likes walking along the railroad tracks.

6 - Uncle Brian comes over to say goodbye before moving to Los Angeles

7 - very bad at listening to Mommy and Daddy - nearly always needs instructions repeated

8 - Bryn makes Shay laugh by filling her crib with all her stuffed animals, then getting in to play with her

9 - Bryn's first soccer practice - she cries because the other kids aren't "sharing" the ball with her

10 - Hailey's 1st birthday party - Bryn and Hannah love throwing balls down at the adults from upstairs landing

11 - great at coloring inside the lines

12 - loves to check on and water the seeds she planted with Daddy

13 - learns about farm animals at school

14 - loves to watch the singing parts of "Glee" with Mommy

15 - learns about springtime and planting seeds at school

16 - reluctant to go to soccer, but thinks Coach Steve is hilarious once she gets there

17 - Brett's 2nd birthday party. Bryn wants to see his room and then wants to get out all his toys.

18 - talks Brenden's ear off during Sunday school class in Kangaroos - still has a big crush on him

19 - loves to color in Crayola Color Wonder books

20 - Aunt Kristin babysits and bakes a cake with the girls

21 - loves to use scissors to cut, and is very good at staying along the lines

22 - starts practicing for end-of-the-year program at St A's

23 - goes to her own class (instead of Shay's) during Mommy's MOPS meeting

24 - fighting often with Shay, but always nice to Liam

25 - checks out a Miss Pattycake DVD from church library and loves it

26 - likes to use scissors to trim long grass and dandelion stems

27 - learns about ladybugs at school

28 - likes to stand on a chair to dance - and tries to choreograph for Shay too

29 - Children's Museum with E's, W's, and L's. Bryn loves the horses that go up and down on the carousel.

30 - has fun on Chick-Fil-A playground with Chris and Audrey

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Two Months Old

Today, the girls and I took Liam for his two month check-up. I was less than thrilled that it took almost two full hours for the appointment (the first 1 1/2 of which were in the waiting room), but the kids held up really well until the very end.

I was also really, really anxious about the appointment because it involved shots for Liam. I absolutely hate needles, and holding down one of my kids while someone uses a needle on them is absolute torture. This was further complicated by the fact that I could not get an appointment at a time that Ben could be off work, so that meant that I had both girls in tow. They are wary enough of the doctor without seeing their beloved baby brother get stuck with three needles. Thankfully, the wonderful nurses had pity on me and handled the entire shot situation while I took the girls out in the hall and distracted them with suckers. All they saw was Liam's cool Spiderman bandaids after the fact.

So at two months old (or rather, 2 months and 4 days, if you want to get technical), Liam weighs 12 pounds and 12 ounces. He is 23 3/4 inches long, and his head is 16 1/2 inches around. Interestingly enough, this puts him in the 75th percentile for each of those statistics. He is apparently a very proportionate child.

While we were at the office, I also did a weight check on the girls. Bryn weighed in at 39 pounds, and Shay was at 28. I don't know where that puts the girls percentile-wise, but they're all healthy and doing well, and that's plenty good for me!

Oh, and Liam is doing just fine with his shots so far. No negative effects. We've kept him on Tylenol today, which has made him rather sleepy, but he's been his usual happy self when he's been awake. Maybe we'll even get a good night of sleep out of the deal! :)

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Liam's Trip Outdoors

Dad put me down in the grass today. Can you even imagine the indignity?!?!

At first, I couldn't decide if I liked it or not. I mean, it was soft and smelled nice, but it was also a little wet.
But it feels so great on my bare feet.... Yeah, okay, I like it.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Maybe It's The Weather

I'm contemplating the possibility that my migraines have become weather related. Prior to the last two big storms, I have developed migraines. I wrote about the last one already, and I got another one today. Thankfully, this one only took 1 dose of Tylenol, 1 dose of Advil, 2 doses of migraine pills, and about 6 hours to start to subside.

Unfortunately, it did somewhat detract from my enjoyment of today's outing, which was a trip to Fair Oaks Farm with Andrea, Cathy, and kids. Andrea and I piled all our kiddos into the van and drove up together, which provided us with basically 3 hours of talk time--which we easily filled and could have kept going! :) At the farm, all the kids played together, and we took a bus tour to learn more about the farm. Let me just say, I have far more sympathy for those cows during this period of pumping for Liam!! We also enjoyed gourmet grilled cheese, yogurt, and ice cream, and how can you go wrong with that? A very good day, although it probably would have been better without my headache.

Sunday, May 02, 2010


Today was Liam's infant dedication at our church. We don't do infant baptisms, because we believe that becoming a believer and taking that step is a decision that a person should make for themselves (rather than their parrents doing it on their behalf). But the dedication is a chance for the parents (and in our case, siblings) to go before the congregation and declare their intent to raise the child in the church, and a chance for the congregation to declare their support of the family. I really like the way our church does this, including a class for the family before the actual dedication to provide guidance and resources for the parents.

So anyway, today was kind of a big deal for us. We were very happy to be able to share the day with Ben's parents, Ben's grandmother, my mom, and my sister and her boyfriend. Our good friends Rob and Andrea were also able to come, which was very reminiscent of when we went to their daughter Hailey's dedication at this time last year. After the actual service, our small group (who we've been with for 2 1/2 years) was able to join us at the house for lunch, so we were very happy about being able to celebrate with so many good friends, all of whom we hope will continue to be a strong influence in Liam's life as he grows up.

Here are a few pictures of our family all fancied up for the occassion. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of the service itself or of us with extended family or friends, as our camera's battery died immediately upon walking through the doors of church. I'll have to wait for the grandmas to send me copies of theirs.