Friday, April 09, 2010

Soccer Mom

It's official: I'm a soccer mom.

This year we signed Bryn up for a 4-year-old soccer team with her friends Chris and Emily. Tonight was their first practice. We had registration on Tuesday, and all the kids got their very own soccer balls. Bryn has been playing with hers all week, kicking it around the house. She even slept with it last night. So yeah, she's been pretty excited to get started.

She talked about soccer all day today and kept asking me if it was time to go. I thought she was going to go through the roof with excitement when I put on her shin guards. In the car on the way there, she started cheering for herself. "Yay Bryn! Go Bryn! That is how you cheer for soccer players," she informed me.

Shay was just as excited as her sister. Wheb we pulled into the parking lot, she started cheering for "soccer game." She ran out onto the field as soon as we got there, and Ben and I had to forcibly remove her several times. I think we're going to have to get another soccer ball for her to kick around with the other younger siblings on the sidelines in future weeks.

Upon arriving tonight, Bryn got her jersey, shorts, and soccer socks. All were a little too big for her, and since hers are green, she ended up looking a little bit like a frog. :) She loved chasing the ball and kicking it during the early drills, but she refused to even try to stop the ball with her head because it was "all wet" from the grass.

When the coach broke the kids up into two teams and attempted to have them play, Bryn got all upset. Apparently she does not understand the fundamental concept of team sports: trying to take the ball from other players. She was reduced to tears because "the other kids are not sharing with me!" and "I didn't get a turn!" Whoops, apparently all our lessons on sharing have backfired. She then wanted me to come out on the field with her and hold her hand and, apparently, force the other kids to "share" the ball with her. Not exactly a sign of a future professional athlete.

She did do better when they moved on and each kid got to use their own ball again to practice shooting goals. She was still all polite though--she moved into position in front of the goal, then stepped aside to let all the other kids on her team shoot before her. When she finally did get around to kicking, we and all our friends cheered loudly for her, and she really perked up after that.

All in all, if I had to hazard a guess, I'd say that Bryn might have inherited my lackluster approach to athletics. She looked at her coach like he was insane every time he tried to get the players pumped up tonight (and I'm fairly certain that I had the same expression on my own face). But she was very proud of herself for playing, and she at least participated (instead of wandering off to pick dandelions, which is what I remember doing during my own soccer-playing days). Even if she's not going to turn into a star athlete, she did have a lot of fun tonight!


Ragfield said...

Great story. Just don't let her take it too seriously.

Andrea said...

Haha, one of my other friends said her son was the same way. He would get so upset that others weren't sharing and he didn't understand why his friends would take his ball away. Too cute!

Big Sis said...

Such a cute story! It brought back my own soccer memories. She sure is cute in her little green soccer uniform.