Friday, April 02, 2010

March in Review - Shay

1 - baby brother Liam born! Shay meets and holds him.

2 - plays with Aunt Kristin all day and visits Mommy and Liam in the hospital

3- plays with the Willmans. Mommy and Liam come home!

4 - likes to help Liam by bringing his pacifier

5 - 28 lbs, 35 inches

6 - loves to sort coins from one container to another

7 - Shay and Bryn enjoy playing together alone in the front room all evening--without fighting!

8 - having fun with visit from Grammy

9 - insists on climbing into carseat (in way back of van) all "self"

10 - "Shay blue eyes. Mommy blue eyes. Grammy brown eyes."

11 - loves to look at pictures of princesses and say their names

12 - loves to call Mommy her "sunshine"

13 - Emily J's birthday party--Shay wants to spend all night playing with the kitchen set

14 - wants to pick out her own colored socks every day

15 - pinkeye! Lots of crusties in eyes.

16 - loves to play outside with sand table

17 - up repeatedly in the night, wanting reassurance

18 - end of Nana Helen's visit

19 - has become very clingy with Mommy since Liam was born

20 - Jordan W's birthday party--Shay eats huge amount of Cheetos

21 - loves to put Liam's pacifiers in her own mouth

22 - Aunt Jill and Uncle Jim visit; Shay very excited to show them her things

23 - Mommy's Mohs surgery--Jill and Jim babysit

24 - play with Sara and Lyla R all day

25 - insists on wearing bathing suit over clothes

26 - out to lunch at McDonald's for Sam W's 1st birthday--Shay loves blue dragon toy from Happy Meal and insists on sleeping with it

27 - Grammy Tina visits and tells stories about when she was little

28 - Nana Helen visits--Shay is very excited to play with dog Ginger

29 - gets Dora bike helmet and wants to wear it all the time

30 - dyes Easter eggs

31 - plays with Chris, Sam, Brett, and Parker

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