Friday, April 02, 2010

March in Review - Bryn

Here's what we've got on Bryn's calendar for March:

1 - baby brother Liam born! Bryn meets and holds him.

2 - learns about sense of smell at school. Plays with Aunt Kristin all day and visits Mommy & Liam in the hospital.

3 - plays with the Willmans. Mommy and Liam come home!

4 - learns about sense of hearing at school. Likes to help give Liam bottles.

5 - 38.2 pounds, 41 1/2 inches

6 - Mommy, Daddy, Bryn, Liam, Dagny, Tela, and Aunt Kristin's dog Saide all go to sleep together in Mommy's room

7 - would play on the computer all day if we let her--spends the afternoon playing one of Daddy's civilization games

8 - enjoying visit from Grammy Tina

9 - learns about sense of touch at school

10 - learns about the letter K at school (king, key, kangaroo)

11 - finishes studying numbers 1-10 at school

12 - throws handfuls of coins in the air and pretends they are fireworks

13 - Emily J's birthday party--Bryn loves the Strawberry Shortcake party hats and cake

14 - proud of being able to get into her carseat in the "way back" of the van by herself

15 - loves to play outside with sand table. Nana Helen visits.

16 - loves to carry around pink "bunny" purse

17 - loves to play "cheerleader" with pompoms

18 - learns about rain, rainbows, and umbrellas at school

19 - no longer thinks that she is having babies.... but tells Mommy that she wants her to have another one soon

20 - Jordan W's birthday party--Bryn fascinated by watching "Alvin and the Chipmunks"

21 - incredibly whiny and clingy with Mommy since the birth of Liam

22 - pinkeye! home for the day to try to recover

23 - Aunt Jill and Uncle Jim visit--Bryn talks nonstop!

24 - plays with Sara and Lyla R all day

25 - goes to White River Gardens to see the butterflies

26 - loves to water the seeds she planted with Daddy and watch them grow

27 - Grammy Tina visits and tells stories about when she was little

28 - loves drawing with sidewalk chalk. Nana Helen visits.

29 - gets 2-wheel bike and a princess helmet... and rides the bike out of the store!

30 - dyes Easter eggs

31 - plays on swingset with Parker S

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