Tuesday, April 27, 2010


A quick update for posterity on things that our girls are loving these days:

* Dora the Explorer - Both girls are obsessed, Shay even more so than Bryn. Pretty much every time we go downstairs, Shay tells me that she "want watch Dora." We own 4 Dora DVDs, all of which the girls have pretty much memorized. Bryn likes to play Dora video games and watch more movies at and has expanded her love to include Dora's cousin Diego. Shay is a sucker for any product that has Dora on it. Recent acquisitions include two pairs of Dora shoes, Dora socks, Dora bandaids, and Dora fruit snacks. Apparently brand recognition works on our 2-year-old.

* Pink bagels - meaning cranberry bagels with strawberry cream cheese from Einstein Brothers. This is their absolute favorite lunch after preschool. I can get on board with that, especially if it mens a Club Mex on asiago cheese for me.

* Glee - Ben accuses me of brainwahing them. But really, considering that Bryn spent the first year of her life in a Performing Arts Center with me and has been in love with all things High School Musical ever since then, I'm not surprised. Even Shay loves to watch what she calls "Gee." Good thing I own the season 1 DVD, because we just watch the singing parts, as the plot is not ideal for small children. :)

* Miss Pattycake - thanks to a DVD Bryn randomly grabbed at the church library. I find it to be as annoying as any other children's show that expects the viewers to "interact" with it, but th girls are in love with it.

* water bottles - I picked up these great water bottles at Dollar General a few weeks ago, thinking they would work for Bryn's "water breaks" during soccer, and ended up having to go back to stock up. They have lids that open and close to prevent spillage, but the actual drinking is done out of a straw. They also have small cups that screw onto the bottom and hold snacks (usually Goldfish crackers for us). The girls' favorite part is that they have cloth straps on them, so they each carry their own cup like a purse. Bryn's cups are pink and Shay's are blue, as those were the only two colors at the store.

* Liam - He's nearly 2 months old, and they still delight in showing everyone we see their "new baby brother." Both of them love to hold him and "help" give him bottles. (Bryn actually can help in this arena. Shay, not so much.) If he so much as peeps, they inform the nearest adult that he is crying and needs help. Bryn also loves to brush his hair, which Ben fears will become a gateway to dressing him up and putting makeup on him when they get bigger. :)

* heart candy - This obsession with conversation hearts started just before Valentine's Day. Ben picked up several tubs of it on clearance shortly thereafter, and it has kept the girls happy for the past two months. We're down to the last few crumbs in the last tub though, and I sense some meltdowns coming on when I will non longer be able to provide them with their favorite treat.

* pictures and videos of themselves - Pretty much any time the girls find me near a computer, they ask to look at pictures or videos of themselves. Narcisism is alive and well at our house. Shay particularly likes videos of when she was "little," meaning last year.

* Hannah - Currently their favorite friend. She and Bryn have always gotten along beautifully, although now they are starting to do that little girl bickering thing where they say they are fighting, then have made up and are happily playing again two minutes later. Shay thinks that Hannah is the coolest. She has named one of her dolls after her, and the other night she informed me that Hannah was her best friend.

* outside - Even when it's raining, all they want to do is play outdoors. Favorite outdoor activities include bubbles, sidewalk chalk, swinging, their playhouse, our next-door neighbors, and dandelions.

* cuddling - Bryn has always been a big fan, but Shay is usually too on-the-go. Recently, though, she has started requesting cuddles and loves nothing more than to be rocked or held. I think it's a reaction to the baby arriving. All I know for sure is that my lap is usually full.

I'm sure I could keep going, but one thing I love (and don't get enough of lately--go figure with three small children!) is sleep, so I'm off to do that.

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Andrea said...

Awww very cute! Hannah always says Bryn is her favorite friend too and today, she told me "I like Shay - she held my hand." I think the love goes both ways! :)