Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Two Weeks Later

This morning I took Liam for his two-week doctor's visit. Dr. Z was wowed to see that our little guy has now surpassed his birth weight and is up to 8 pounds 5 ounces. And that was with nothing in his stomach (he refused to wake up and eat breakfast beforehand), so I'm betting that he normally averages even a little more than that. He's also increased his length. While it's definitely an imprecise science, the nurse measured him at 21.5 inches today, as opposed to the 20.5 he was when he was born.

Liam is a strong and healthy baby. He can hold his own head up for short periods of time, and he's doing well at grasping objects (my personal favorite being when he holds onto my finger while eating). And while this sounds impossible, Dr.Z confirmed it--our little guy is already rolling over! I actually didn't believe Ben the first time he told me that Liam had rolled from belly to back. Then, two days ago, Liam did it in front of me. I accused Ben of "helping" him by pushing on the mattress (he was lying on our bed at the time). Ben put him back on his belly and then retreated across the room, and sure enough, in a matter of seconds, Liam had rolled over again. He even showed off his trick to the doctor today. Looks like this one won't be abiding by tummy time if he doesn't like it.

In other news, Bryn is absolutely fascinated by all of my own changes in the last two weeks. She keeps asking me to lift my shirt up so she can see my belly. She wonders where my big stomach went, and she likes to look at my "wrinkly" skin (ugh). I tell her that while my belly looks a little funny right now, it's much better than it was before, and it will keep getting better until it's normal again. She looks at my folds of excess skin with a skeptical expression on her face.

Overall, we're all recovering nicely from Liam's birth two weeks ago. Ben is back at work full-time, the girls adore "their" baby, and I'm feeling better than I have in months. All good news!


Suellen said...

I'm glad to hear that Liam and the rest of you are doing well. I do wish that neither one of us was up in the middle of the night, however. And, I do promise, that one day (hopefully soon) we will get over there. I feel horrible. We are just impossibly busy.

Kathy said...

I was curious if Bryn has said anymore about the baby in HER belly?...did she forget...?