Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Post-Mohs, Part 2

Apparently recovery from this Mohs thing is rougher than I anticipated. My pain pills are making me really tired (although I'm sure that the months of pregnancy-induced sleep deprivation leading up to now aren't exactly helping). I'm also hugely dizzy. At first I also thought this was from the medicine, but over the course of the day, I've discovered that the dizziness is actually at its worst as I approach the time for a new dose and can feel the wound the most. So shoot that theory. It may be from the pain itself. I've also wondered if it may be because of loss of blood--this spot hasn't actually bled too much, but I'm still having postpartum bleeding, so maybe opening up another bleeding area has just kind of pushed me over the edge into dizziness? Anyway....

Ben was truly a hero and took baby duty for all of last night, in spite of the fact that he had a big day at work coming up. Then our wonderful friend Sara came over to help me with the kids all day. I seriously don't know what I would have done without her help. This evening, Ben again wowed me. He changed the dressing on my wound for me so that I wouldn't have to see it (although I did take a brief peek, and it wasn't pretty). He even helped me wash my hair, while simultaneously distracting our children so that they wouldn't see "Mommy's owie" (as they've been calling the bandage on my head) and get freaked out. Talk about super-husband!

My dad (who has had this procedure three times) assures me that I will feel significantly better on the second day after the procedure. I sure hope he's right, because today was rough!


Cathy said...

Get well soon!

Morgan said...

How are you doing now? How did the rest of your recovery go? Have you had any other BCC spots? Did you do any valium for the surgery or anything? How long did you have to go without washing your hair?

I am going in for Mohs surgery on my scalp soon and found your story encouraging (minus the how much it hurts afterwards part). It's hard not knowing how big the area will be that they remove.

Thanks for sharing your story.

Morgan said...

I wanted to add- like you, I'm very young too. I don't try to get a tan and it really caught me off guard that something like this could happen to me.

I hope that you've been able to stay cancer free.