Saturday, March 20, 2010


Lately, Brynie and Daddy have been busy with a new project. Bryn calls it her "planting." Shortly before Liam was born, Ben picked up some little pea-pod planters. During the week that he was home following Liam's birth, he sat patiently at the kitchen table with Bryn and planted various seeds in hers. Most notable are the strawberry seeds and basil seeds, although I believe some of the pods got wildflowers as well. Bryn got a huge kick out of watering them with a medicine dropper. Then Ben put them in an upstairs window to grow. Bryn loves to water them and check on them daily, and they're really flourished. This weekend, Ben took the girls outside and made a huge mess with potting soil (they loved it!) in transferring some of the bigger seedlings to pots. Bryn is so incredibly proud of how her "planting" is turning out! Overall, two thumbs up on this project!

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SuperSillyAunt said...

How sweet! What a good daddy. I just love the bright smile on Bryn's face.