Saturday, March 13, 2010

Places To Go

Today, I survived my first solo outing with all three kids. Admittedly, it was just to my MOPS meeting (so there was childcare for the girls once we got there) and we arrived almost an hour after the meeting started, but it still felt like a major accomplishment. Highlights included Bryn wetting herself so thoroughly that we had to change outfits in the van, and also me getting to chase down Shay halfway across a large soggy field, where she had adventured while chasing a flock of geese while I got the other kids out of the car. Liam, however, was an angel and slept through the entire experience. It was really quite the production, what with manhandling all 3 kids into the stroller, packing and hauling around a bulging diaper bag of supplies, and the combo of nursing and pumping that needed to take place both seconds before leaving the house and seconds after arriving home, but overall--we made it!


Kathy said...

yikes!! especially w/ the pumping!! I have no idea - is Bryn old enough to help at all? that would be nice!

Cathy said...

And Liam was the most angelic of all. That tickles me!

Tina said...

Good for you! Hopefully it will get easier each time you go out.

Anonymous said...

These are the days you will treasure in your memory bank! I can look back fondly, now, and think that Lindsay dancing on top of the kitchen table at midnight at age two as funny . . . at the time I thought I would pass out from exhaustion! As you know, motherhood is a gift, so embrace it:) Oh, and we need more pics of the kids!

Grandma Diane