Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Loving That Baby

I should be released from the hospital in about an hour (I know, super swanky hospital that I can blog from!), so I wanted to take a minute to post a few more pictures while it's still quiet. I'm sure that things at home will not be so calm as Ben and I resume care of our two girls, in addition to the new boy, plus the dogs, household responsibilities, etc!

Here's me and my new sweet boy doing some kangaroo cuddling. This one is definitely a cuddler and loves to be held--but falls asleep pretty much every time I touch him! Hope he keeps that up at home. :)

And this may be my new favorite picture--me and my three wonderful kids. Shay was too excited about loving on her baby brother to actually look at the camera. He looks like he might be a little stressed out by the big girls though!
As you can see, Shay is fascinated with her little brother! We haven't let either of the girls hold him today because he had his circumcision this morning, and the poor little guy is very sore and tired. He's spent most of the day asleep in his little crib, but Shay still wanted to get as close as possible!
So, as we end our 48-hour post-partum stay, both baby and I are doing well. I'm looking forward to going home and getting acclimated to life as a family of five!!

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Ashley said...

These are all great, but I love the first picture the most - so, so precious! - Ashley :)