Thursday, March 04, 2010

First Day at Home

We've now made it through our first 24 hours at home as a family of five! Last night seemed to go on for ages, whereas today itself has gone pretty quickly.

Here's Ben, Liam, and I at the hospital last night, packed up and ready to bring the baby home:

And here we are arriving at home..... note that Liam slept through most of this:

And here's my gorgeous Bryn insisting that she be allowed to feed her baby brother. I told her that she could hold the bottle, but I had to hold the baby because of his "owie" (from the circumcision).
I know I have said on this blog before (actually listed it as one of this year's goals) that I plan to breastfeed this baby, yet I have also posted a couple of pictures of him drinking out of bottles. You may also notice that the bottle in the above picture is a fancy-schmancy one. Basically, our little dude is having a rather hard time catching on to breastfeeding. He didn't want to latch on for the first two days, so the lactation consultant at the hospital had us start him on this special zero-flow bottle that forces him to learn to latch and suck properly in order to get any milk out--but without having to trial-and-error that on my body. This was a welcome relief after all the pain that Shay caused me while "learning" (and eventually failing) to nurse. So I've been pumping to establish my milk supply, then giving him my milk in his fancy bottle. That wasn't enough for him during the first two days, so we supplemented with a little Enfamil to teach him to get going. Now I'm making more than enough, though, and he's doing well with the bottles. He's also MUCH better about latching on when we attempt to actually nurse. I have to use a shield in order to minimize the blisters that he seems to enjoy raising, but he is actually getting some milk out, and then we finish out the feeding with the bottle. Now if we could just keep him from falling asleep the second he touches my skin....
Anyway, last night we feared that Liam had left his good sleep habits at the hospital. After acting like an angel and sleeping around the clock in my hospital room, he was up for most of last night. His daddy was so attentive to him that he never got a chance to get going into a good cry, but there were plenty of squeaks and wails. My personal theory is that his "owie" was bothering him, as he just couldn't seem to get comfortable. So it was a loooong night, as he would only sleep 15-30 minutes at a stretch before crying out again.
He seemed much better by the light of day though. Today Daddy Ben volunteered to watch Liam while the girls and I napped, but when I came downstairs at the end of our naptime, this is what I found:

Their first father/son nap...... cutest thing EVER! The boys ended up sleeping over two hours past the girls, so I just kept Bryn and Shay upstairs. The three of us played together and gave our boys a chance to snooze. We eventually had to come down and wake the boys up for dinnertime, as it got to be after 6:00! We've been fighting (rather unsuccessfully) to keep Liam awake since then, and now he's laying down in his Pack 'n' Play while Ben bathes the girls and I post this blog. I think all of us are off to bed soon..... keep your fingers crossed that there will be some actual sleep for all of us tonight! We'll be taking our first family outing (to the doctor's office, for Liam's first visit) tomorrow morning--I'm interested to see how it works out to have the van full of kids!!


Kathy said...

We used one of those Medela nursers and a nipple shield too - Hope that he's nursing (and sleeping) well soon!

SuperSillyAunt said...

So precious! I'm so happy for you guys:)

Cathy said...

Love that sweet Napping boys picture. And hope you get all the kinks worked out with nursing soon. It took Chris a long few days, but then he went for 18 months!

Cathy said...

Love that sweet Napping boys picture. And hope you get all the kinks worked out with nursing soon. It took Chris a long few days, but then he went for 18 months!