Monday, March 15, 2010

Day and Night

Overall, Liam is an angel baby. He is incredibly sweet. He doesn't cry very often. He doesn't protest when his sisters want to "love" him. He has the most beautiful eyes and looks at us in a way that already has me convinced that he'll be a deep thinker. He's eating much better, and due to our early difficulties, seems unbothered whether he is offered bottle or breast. He's been wonderfully behaved when we've taken him on outings. A perfect little boy.

Except that he has his days and nights mixed up. Two nights ago, he utterly refused to sleep at night. He would snooze if I was holding him, and he'd pass out cold while nursing, but the second that I would put him in his crib or a swing, he'd be wide awake. Absolute refusal to sleep. This went on for five loooong hours before I gave up and settled him in his carseat at about 5:30 am. Then he slept for seven hours straight, snoozing away the entire morning, before we felt that we'd be negligent parents if we didn't force him to consciousness to eat.

As a result, we've got a very tired Mommy and Daddy around here. With the girls around, we obviously have to get up at a reasonable hour (Bryn thinks 7:30 is reasonable) every day to take care of them, and we need to tag-team our naps in between everything else that needs to get done. I know Liam will get better about this as he gets older, but for right now, I think both Ben and I would LOVE a good night of sleep!

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SuperSillyAunt said...

Kaylee slept in her carseat at night. We strapped her in so she wouldn't get tangled in the seat belt and actually put her seat in the crib.