Monday, February 01, 2010

January in Review - Amy

In order to hold myself accountable, I'd like to do a monthly sort of check-in (or virtual walk of shame, as the case may be) on how I'm doing with my resolutions for the year. My original resolutions and the explanations of why I'm trying to achieve them can be found here. And now for the first check-in of the year....

1. Read the Bible.
So far, I'm on track. By following the chronological plan I found online, I've completed Genesis and Job and am now into Exodus.

2. Read at least one pleasure reading book per month.
I actually read 3 1/2 books in January--hooray! Two were just throwaway fiction books, but I really, really enjoyed Under the Overpass by Mike Yankoski. It is his personal story of how, as a college student, he became convinced that Christians are not doing enough to help the homeless in America. In order to further his own understanding and faith, he left everything behind and lived as a homeless man in various cities of America for about 6 months. It's an "easy read" in that the style is very easy, but I had to stop every few pages to digest what I was reading. It's very convicting and I highly recommend it to anyone who has a heart for the homeless, or who wants to grow one. The 1/2 book I mentioned is one that I'm still working on, Three Cups of Tea, which is the story of Greg Mortenson and his personal quest to build schools for the underprivileged children of Pakistan and Central Asia. Very interesting.

3. Join some kind of musical group (a band or a choir) and perform with them.
As I mentioned on the original post, this one is going to have to wait until after this baby arrives and I again have the command of a normal person's air supply.

4. Blog daily.
31 days of January, 32 posts. Pretty good, huh? :)

5. Get back down to (at least) my pre-pregnancy weight.Clearly no can do on this one so far. I am pleased to report minimal weight gain in the month of January though, combined with plenty of baby growth.

6. Get involved with some kind of theatre group and help out with at least one production.Again, on hold until baby comes. I have been keeping my eyes peeled for opportunities though.

7. Teach Bryn to read.I have been constantly impressed this month by her skills in writing letters. Her newest activity is to come up with a word and ask me what letter it starts with.... ad nauseum. Her friend Kaylee from school loaned her the Bob Books that she used to learn to read, so we're working with those right now.

8. Potty-train Shay.
As I said when I made the original resolution, this one won't happen until summer. She has actually asked for the "little potty" several times this month, but with my large girth and slow rate of movement, we've never made it in time.

9. Finish up some of my murals.
No progress in this area yet. Not to sound like I'm making excuses, but all of my painting activities have been directed at finishing up Shay's shelves, table, and chairs this month. We're almost done with those, and then I'm hoping to move on to more creative projects.

10. Frame our portraits.
Coming along great on this one. Our walls now sport framed portraits of our family for the last two years, and I've got the girls' yearly pictures framed and put up on shelves. My wonderful husband also hung several other frames (including some of our wedding, some of us as kids, and some of our anniversary frames), so our house actually does now bear evidence as to who lives here. I have two more family portraits that I want to hang (and Ben already hung the empty frames for me as a motivator), but I need to go dig around in boxes in the basement to find them.

11. Paint the kids' bathroom.
I think about this every time I walk in there, but no progress yet.

12. Get Shay into her big girl room.Check. All that remains to be done is for me to finish her table and chair set, but she is completely moved in aside from that. (which reminds me, I never did post pictures--those will come soon)

13. Breastfeed this baby.Obviously not do-able until he comes, but that's still the plan.

All in all, I'm pretty proud of myself! One of my unspoken resolutions was also to keep up on all of your blogs, which I am pleased to report I have done on a daily basis in January. I also agonize over our finances on a daily basis, but in spite of all the upcoming baby expenses, we even managed to put a little into savings last month, and we are still debt-free except for our house (meaning no credit cards, no car payments, and no loans). So overall, hooray for January!

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Wow! Those are quite a lot of accomplishments for January.