Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy 29th! (for real)

I pretty much robbed the cradle when Ben and I started dating. He is 2 years younger than me, which doesn't sound like that big of a deal, but has definitely made our relationship interesting a few times. Like the first year we were dating, when he was a carefree sophomore in college and I was a big old stressball senior, trying to figure out what I was going to do with my life after graduation (note: still trying to figure that one out). Of course, part of that is just our personalities.... him: carefree, me: stressball.

When I was student teaching and then working at Carmel High School, the other young teachers invited me out to the bars with them several times (although I never did end up going). They all wanted to meet Ben, to which I had to reply, "Um, he can't come, he's not 21 yet."

When I was in my first year of teaching at Zionsville, Ben was a senior in college. Some of my students (seniors) were dating people the same age or older than him. Most notable was one boy, who was dating a girl that was actually good friends with Ben, and another girl, whose boyfriend was older than Ben and already had a child.

Ever since Ben got out of college, though, the age difference hasn't made any difference at all. Until, that is, I turned 31 this past November and had to realize that my youthful husband was still a mere 28. That made me feel OLD.

Ben turned 29 today. Yes, for the first time. :) All day long, he has been asking people, "If you had 29 to do over again, what would you change?" And he's gotten some pretty good responses. His theory is that he wants to get his life figured out before he turns 30, so if he starts now, he can pad it by a year. (Me, I'm hopeless, I'm already 31 and have no idea what I'm doing.)

We had all kinds of celebration tonight, with presents and cards and caramel brownies (his favorite) and dinner out as a family. Bryn was so excited for Daddy's birthday that weeks ago, she packed up tons of her favorite toys into every bag and box that she owns and put them aside as "surprises" for him. To his great credit, he displayed much enthusiasm about every doll and stuffed animal that he opened tonight. :)

My favorite part of the evening, though, was when he picked up the first wrapped package from me and said rhetorically to Bryn, "So, what do you think is in here?" To which she promptly replied, "A book." Apparently little Smartie Pants remembered which presents she helped Mommy put in each package!

Shay was not much for the birthday festivities tonight, running around and playing while Daddy opened presents and displaying utterly zero interest in her dinner. We did manage to get her to hold still long enough to take this family picture at dinner though..... please excuse my heavily fattened appearance, as I am currently great with child. :)

At any rate, we're all wishing our beloved Daddy Ben a very happy birthday. We love you, Ben, and all of your girls are wishing you a great day! (and your boy in utero too)

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Grandpa said...

I'll second the "we love you Ben" part.