Monday, February 08, 2010

Groundhog, We're Done

Of course, Groundhog's Day was last week. And it always yields 6 more weeks of winter. This did not seem like a big deal until the snowstorm we had on Friday, which yielded massive amounts of snow. But we got through that just fine. And now they're saying that we're going to have another huge storm tomorrow. Grrr. Bryn has both preschool and dance class tomorrow, but my real worry is the fact that I have an OB appointment tomorrow (and my OB is a half an hour away). Seriously, doesn't that groundhog care that there are pregnant ladies out there who need to be able to make it to the hospital?

At least the little guy is cute. See the colored renditions below--the first one is from Shay, and the second one is from Bryn.

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