Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Update

Dr. M's office called today to schedule an induction. Assuming that I decide to go through with it, we'll be checking into the hospital at 6:00 am (ugh) on March 1. Of course, I'm still hoping that Baby will show up on his own before that. T-minus 9 days or less.

I took one of the Vicodin last night in an effort to decrease my pain while I slept. This ended up being a complete and total failure. I took it around 8:30, and by 11:30, I was still lying awake, unable to sleep because of the pain. As I said yesterday, Dr. M told me that the Vicodin should "take the edge off," but it didn't even do that. I don't really know what the deal is, since it has utterly knocked me out when I've taken it before. But now the pain is so bad that I couldn't even sleep when I wanted to. Ridiculous.

On the up side, I guess I would be safe to take Vicodin during the day, since it did absolutely nothing to make me sleep. On the down side, if it doesn't help with the pain, what's the point of taking it? Grr.

I've always heard stories about how women start to "nest" shortly before they go into labor. Again, I've never actually gone into labor on my own, but I've always wondered: if I force myself to "nest," will that trick my body into thinking that it's going into labor? Silly theory, I know, but my house was becoming quite the pit after me laying on the couch and pitying myself for the last few days, so I decided to tackle some projects today. I basically spent the whole day cleaning--not like vacuuming or dusting or mopping my floors or anything, but just sorting through and putting away the many, many stacks of stuff that have been piling up on every available surface. This invovled much bending and stooping, which are activities I have been trying to avoid recently. Okay, I admit that much of this was motivated by an article I read online yesterday that said that lots of physical movement can help induce labor. That and how I thrive on order and cleanliness. At any rate, my house is now in somewhat better shape, but I'm not in labor. At least I'm feeling better about my surroundings though.

As I'm writing this, the baby is kicking intensely and I'm contracting again (although not the kind that actually achieves anything). He seems to have his days and nights mixed up, because he's always kicking at night. He only gets really worked up during the day if one of the girls is sitting on my lap--apparently he doesn't like his sisters invading his territory!

As long as he's all riled up anyway, I think I'm off to have a bedtime snack of some pineapple. Thank you all for the suggestions on the last post..... I think pineapple will be my first effort, though, because it sounds really good anyway!


Ashley said...

Yay for the pineapple! I hope it works! - Ashley :)

Cathy said...

Poor thing, I hope you get some rest soon...before March.

SuperSillyAunt said...

The only thing Vicodin ever did for me was make me incredibly thirsty. It never dulled the pain and it never made me the least bit sleepy.
Good luck to you in the next several days. I'll be praying for you!

Suellen said...

Vicodin didn't work for me either. Just for the record. You can make it!

Andrea said...

You and I think the same! I actually tried nesting as well. Obviously it didn't work. Neither did the pineapple (or the Don Pabalo's salsa). They gave contractions but no labor. Sad (but yummy).