Sunday, February 28, 2010

February in Review - Shay

And Shay's calendar:

1 - attend free Kindermusik class designed for 3-5 year olds, and Shay does all the activities

2 - asks to go to the "food store" to get "white yogurt" (her favorite food)

3 - plays with Parker Sharp and babysitters Lauren and Stu all morning--and then talks about them for the rest of the day

4 - loves to color pictures of Sesame Street characters

5 - starts azithromycin prescription for bronchitis--nasty cough and runny nose, but otherwise in good spirits

6 - Nana visits to trade cars--the blue van is now officially ours (although Shay still calls it "Nana van")

7 - gets spoiled by Nana all day--especially loves the purple knit cape Nana brought from her store

8 - crazy for candy of all kinds, especially Valentine's conversation hearts

9 - helps cut out heart shapes from dough to make cookies for Daddy

10 - Happy 29th Birthday, Daddy! Out to dinner at Boulder Creek, where Shay refuses to eat and wants to run around all night

11 - loves doing puzzles at the Speedway library with Mommy while Bryn is at school

12 - loves climbing in and out of the seat of the Intellitainer--"I play Baby Liam's bouncy seat!"

13 - displays mild interest in kids her own age, but really wants to be running around with the big girls (Bryn, Hannah, and Emily)

14 - tells Mommy "I love you too much!"

15 - loves to watch movies on "little TV" (DVD player for the car)

16 - favorite movie is "all princesses sing" (Disney Princess Sing Along Songs)

17 - loves to look at characters on diapers before Mommy puts them on--Ernie is her favorite

18 - when picking clothes, declares "No, Brynie like pink. Shay like purple!"

19 - favorite movie is "Hannah kitty" (a short Little People video)

20 - eats "white dodurt" (vanilla yogurt) for basically every meal, every day

21 - dinner with Parker Sharp--Shay loves to hug and play with her, but is worried that Parker will try to take her tights :)

22 - likes when Mommy does her hair with clips and "hair lotion" (mousse)

23 - adores "heart tandy" (Valentine's conversation hearts) and wants to eat them all the time

24 - playdate with Brett Graunke--Shay loves bagel bites at Einstein Brothers

25 - playdate with Chris and Sam Willman--Shay loves to play with balloons

26 - says "Hi dude!" to Mommy's stomach

27 - angry with Mommy and calls her "butter" as an insult

28 - loves to sing "Oops" song from Kindermusik class and pick the various names to fill in

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Andrea said...

You didn't tell me about "Hannah kitty" movie! Too funny!