Sunday, February 28, 2010

February in Review - Bryn

Here's Bryn's calendar for February:

1 - go to sample Kindermusik class at library, but Bryn clings to Mommy's side and claims that she is "still sick"

2 - learns about groundhogs and the number 1 at school

3 - juicy, barking cough - Dr. Z diagnoses Bryn with bronchitis

4 - writes her own name on Valentines for all her classmates

5 - slips on the ice and falls down - cries and cries

6 - Nana visits and we trade cars. We now officially own the blue van!

7 - plays with Nana all day and declares "My Nana spoils me!"

8 - spends "naptime" trying on all the dresses that Nana brought from her store

9 - snow day - no school or dance class. Helps punch hearts out of dough to make cookies for Daddy.

10 - Happy 29th Birthday, Daddy! Bryn delights in "giving" him some of her favorite toys, packaged in all her purses and bags

11 - Valentine's party at school--VERY excited about all the heart candy!

12 - attends local Father/Daughter Dance with Daddy and dances the night away

13 - says that Christopher is still her favorite friend, but she loves Hannah and Emily too

14 - declares that Mommy is her Valentine, then decides that Daddy and Shay can be too

15 - wears her purple butterfly rain boots from Nana's store EVERYWHERE, even with her pajamas

16 - learns about healthy foods at school--which somehow translates into a newfound love of bagel bite pizzas

17 - loves to "waddle"--she learned about this by watching a "Diego" video about penguins on

18 - learns about the Olympics and their 5 rings at school

19 - insists on doing naptime in underwear instead of a diaper, because that's what "big girls do"

20 - loves to jump on little trampoline in the basement to "exercise her heart" (like she learned at school)

21 - dinner with Parker Sharp--Bryn loves to play hide and seek but keeps calling out from hiding places for adults to "find her"

22 - changes her own poopy diaper at naptime--and hangs bag containing dirty one on Mommy's door

23 - learns about transportation at school, including buses. Also, tells Mommy that something "really flaps her off."

24 - learns about the letter J (jets) at school

25 - learns more about transportation, and fingerpaints a boat at school

26 - loves Hidden Pictures magazine--solves every puzzle in her first issue

27 - loves to draw pictures for her family and friends (and a random girl at Kazan restaurant)

28 - very excited to have a "sleepover" with Aunt Kristin (because Mommy is going to the hospital to have her baby brother in the morning!)

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