Sunday, February 28, 2010

February in Review - Amy

And last but not least, a review of how I'm doing on my various resolutions:

1. Read the Bible.
Doing good. On track with my reading plan. I've finished Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, and Job, and am now into Numbers.

2. Read at least one pleasure reading book per month.
All I managed in February was one quick little fiction throwaway (actually a young adult book). I'm still plugging away on Three Cups of Tea and am *almost* done. I guess this technically means I met my goal though.

3. Join some kind of musical group (a band or a choir) and perform with them.
Nothing yet....

4. Blog daily.
28 days in February, and I believe this brings me up to 31 posts. Go me.

5. Get back down to (at least) my pre-pregnancy weight.
Clearly haven't started on that yet, but at least I can say that I won't be gaining anymore after today. :)

6. Get invovled with some kind of theatre group and help out with at least one production.
Nothing yet.....

7. Teach Bryn to read.
She has learned how to spell "Bryn," "Mommy," and "Daddy," and she is working hard on learning all her lower-case letters (knows all the upper-case ones).

8. Potty-train Shay.
She has sat on the potty a few times, but hasn't actually done anything in it. She is very reliable about telling us when she needs her diaper changed, though, so she's on her way to ready.

9. Finish up some of my murals.
No progress on the actual murals, but I am thrilled to report that all the painting on Shay's table and chairs is done, and the star-and-moon table looks adorable in her new room. I need to remember to post pictures.

10. Frame our portraits.
Completely done as of today. :)

11. Paint the kids' bathroom.
Not yet....

12. Get Shay into her big girl room.

13. Breastfeed this baby.
We can start on that tomorrow. :)

Checking into the hospital in less than 12 hours. My next post will be welcoming this baby into the world!!!

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SuperSillyAunt said...

It's 7:48 am...I'm wondering if you have a baby yet? I'm praying things are going very well for you all!