Sunday, February 14, 2010

Crazy Friends - The Third Time Around

Apparently my friends have not heard that baby showers are really only standard for the first child. Ben and I have often hosted Game Nights at our house, and my friend Andrea lobbied me to host one more before this baby comes. Ben was an enthusiastic supporter of this plan. So we scheduled one for last weekend, only to cancel due to snow and reschedule for this Saturday night. It turns out that Andrea, Ben, and the rest of our friends were in cahoots and were actually planning for Game Night to be a baby shower--which apparently I hosted for myself. :)

After being overwhelmed by them all walking through the door with presents, I did tell them that I'd never heard of a shower for the third child before, but Andrea informed me that it was necessary in order to avoid poor Baby Boy from growing up in a house of all pink. So we are now all set to go with many blue items, including blue washclothes and blue M&M cookies.... they thought of everything!!

So thank you, thank you, thank you to all our wonderful friends - Andrea and Rob, Cathy and Eric, Kathleen and Mike, Carrie and Steve, and Jill and Craig..... and also Krysten and Adam, who sent a sweet gift last week; Melissa and Rob, who were at the party in spirit; and Suellen and Alicia, who had to miss it because they were out of town. We have the best friends ever!

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Krysten said...

You are very welcome! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Von Maur and really any chance to go shopping. Plus, I'm supposed to be walking and you just gave me one more excuse! I know that my child is/was abnormally large, so I'm hoping that the outfits fit Liam at the appropriate seasonal times. If not, that will give you an excuse to go to Von Maur! :)