Sunday, February 07, 2010

Colts and Fish

While basically all of Indianapolis is glued to the television tonight for the Colts vs. Saints Superbowl, my wonderful husband offered to forgo this manly pleasure in order to take me out to dinner. Ben's mom Helen is here this weekend, and she offered to watch the girls in order to give us a date night. Ben picked Bonefish Grill, which is one of our very favorite places, and also one reserved for very special treats only. While there is normally a sizable wait to get in, tonight there were only four tables in the whole restaurant (including ours) in use. It was perfect for a quiet date night, and we were even able to make it home (with Dairy Queen desserts for everyone) in time for Ben to watch the second half of the game. So now that we've had our fish, go Colts!! :)

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