Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bryn Goes to the Ball

Friday night brought a very special daddy/daughter date for Ben and Bryn. Our local Parks and Rec department put on a Father/Daughter Dance at the local high school. I've been eyeballing this event in our community fliers ever since we moved here (when Bryn had just turned 1), but the youngest that kids can attend is age 4, so this was her first big chance. Given how much fun she's had dancing the night away at various weddings, we figured she'd find the dance to be hugely fun.

I didn't tell her about this "surprise" until after naptime on Friday in order to prevent endless anticipation. She got excited right away about how she was going to the "ball" with Daddy. She was a little confused about why Shay and I weren't going, but I tried my best to explain that it was something special for just her and Daddy.

After a quick dinner with the whole family, she scampered upstairs in order to get ready. I let her pick her own dress, and she selected her Christmas dress, as well as various jewelry items made by her Nana in her beading business. Here's the finished result--little girl super excited to go to the ball!

Here are Ben and Bryn at the dance itself, which Ben said easily had about 1000 attendees. They also had various treats and craft projects for the kids, so Bryn was in pure bliss.
And here's Brynie dancing the night away. Notice that she took her shoes off right away, just like the big girls do at high school dances and weddings. :)

Meanwhile, Shay and I stayed home. She initially cried a bit and said, "I want to ball!" I would imagine a similar scene with poor Cinderella, left behind by her stepsisters. :) However, Shay was soon placated with a heart-shaped cookie with red sprinkles and some cuddles from Mommy, and we spent the rest of the night playing together. She was especially intrigued by some of the baby toys that we've recently brought up from the basement and spent a good portion climbing in and out of an Exersaucer seat, proclaiming, "I play Baby Liam's bouncy!" She went down to bed around 8:00, and pregnant Mommy struggled to stay awake until Daddy and Bryn got home from the dance at 9:30. :)

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