Friday, January 08, 2010

That Makes It All Better

This day just did not go as I planned. I set my alarm for 6:30 so I could get up and get ready for my MOPS meeting. But then all the local schools called 2 hour delays, so my meeting got cancelled. I therefore started my morning thinking about how different my life is right now than in previous years, when Teacher Amy would have been throwing a party over a 2 hour delay.

I then thought to myself about how since I no longer had anything scheduled for the day, I could knock a lot of items off my "to do" list--most notably, working on Shay's big girl room. But the kids just did not cooperate. They spent the morning in positive but clingy moods, wanting to be at my side every second, so I scrapped my plans and we had a fun morning of playing.

Bryn didn't nap today (even though she'd spent all morning telling me how tired she was), and Shay woke up screaming. I've had two fusspots on my hands all afternoon, so again, nothing got done. Shay tantrumed about something new about every 5 minutes, and I was just about to lose it.

The crowning glory of my day came when Bryn informed me that she had go potty. Even though she goes by herself at church, at school, and in public, she always wants me to help her at home. I told her to go sit on the potty and I would come help as soon as I got Shay to stop crying. Apparently that conversation took too long, though, because Bryn peed all over the floor, about 2 inches away from the toilet (and was both properly apologetic and embarrassed). So I got my pregnant self down on the floor and started mopping it all up (not an easy feat). But then Shay decided she was interested in the toilet and tried to stick her hands in, which caused Bryn to yell at her, which caused Shay to launch into another tantrum, all while I scrubbed up pee.

I got the floor, myself, and Shay cleaned up, and then I tried to comfort Shay so she would stop screaming. At some point during this process, Bryn disappeared. When I finally got Shay calmed down, I went on a hunt for Bryn. And this is where my day got immediately better.

I found her in our office, sitting all by herself on a little chair in the dark, with her hands folded, talking earnestly to God, asking Him to help her little sister to be good and to be happy.

I melted on the spot.


Cathy said...

Yeah, and that made me cry.

Tina said...

It brought tears to my eyes too!