Monday, January 04, 2010

Snowmen 1, 2, and 3

Since blogging got pushed aside in the holiday flurry, I do have some catching up to do on all our winter fun. Several weeks ago, we got our first snow. It wasn't much, but it was just right for packing. Bryn desperately wanted to go out and play in it, so we bundled her up in her light-up princess snow boots and winter coat, and Ben took her out to play. He figured they'd be back indoors within 15 minutes.... but he hadn't accounted for Bryn's persistant nature.

Our next-door neighbor saw them outside playing in the snow and said, "Oh, are you making a snowman?" Bryn's eyes lit up, and she attacked her new mission with gusto. She and Ben had to walk around the house several times to gather enough snow to make a snowman, but she persisted. Meanwhile, Shay and I watched from the comfort of the house and snapped some pictures out the side window. Here's Bryn's first snowman in progress:

In spite of being a pregnant lady with no winter coat, I braved the cold myself for a few minutes in order to snap some shots of the finished product:

But Bryn refused to be satisfied by just one snowman. After all, wouldn't he want a friend? So around and around the house they went again, until this fellow appeared on our front lawn:
Then she was distressed that the two snowmen weren't near each other. Ben, being an absolute sucker for his little girl, attempted to move the first snowman to the front of the house, but it met with an untimely death on the way. So around and around they went again (this time dipping into our neighbors' lawns), until Snowman #3 took up residence on our front lawn as a friend for Snowman #2.

You will notice, by the way, that Bryn insisted on building them facing our house, so that we could all look at each other through the windows.
A few days later, as we were driving, Bryn pointed out the window at another house whose front yard sported a snowman. "Look, Mommy," she said, "They have one two. But theirs is only two balls, and mine are three. And they only have one snowman, but I have two." It seems that her competitive nature extends even to Frosty.

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SuperSillyAunt said...

I love the snowmen! She's so sweet.