Friday, January 29, 2010

Sleepy Sickie

Shay has been sick for the past two days with some kind of nastiness, which surfaces primarily when she sleeps. Thursday found her waking up in the morning and at naptime covered in vomit, but this morning was the worst by far. Let's just say that it came out the other end and was all over EVERYTHING. I had to put her in the bath to get her clean, which pretty much destroyed my varicose veins for the day, so I've been hugely ouchie all day. The grossness was so pervasive that I have spent the entire day doing laundry, washing every sheet, changing sheet, blanket, doll, etc that was anywhere near her crib. Most of these items have been washed multiple times, as the stink is so pervasive that one washing simply does not get the job done. Her room was so nasty that I had to open a window and close the door to air it out. Once Ben arrived home from work, he attacked it with Lysol, Clorox wipes, our steam cleaner, and various other tools, yet it still smells a little funky. Because her room was still an absolutely stinky wreck at naptime, I put Shay down in our big bed and cuddled her to sleep. The theory behind this was that then I could hover over her for the duration of naptime and swoop in to the rescue if there was any sign of output from either end. As you can see, she cuddled Baby Bear and pretty much passed out, and thankfully, our sheets are no worse for the wear.

I was pretty worried about her earlier today because she hadn't had an actual wet diaper since Wednesday and she was looking very glazed-over and lethargic. We tried giving her Gatorade yesterday, but she would have none of it. Ben got some Pedialyte on his way home (and rearranged his schedule so that he could come home several hours early and take care of sick Shay and achey Mommy--our hero!!!), and that seemed to work magic on her. She drank a whole cup right away, and between that and the nap, she was perked up enough to run around and play with Bryn tonight, as well as eat some dinner. We're keeping our fingers crossed that she's now on the road to recovery!

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Kathy said...

There is a nasty GI bug going around that Ryan and I just got over. We puked our guts out for about 1 night and our stomachs felt funny for a couple of days but after the first 12 hours we were much better off! I hope Shay's is short-lived too!