Friday, January 22, 2010

Sigh of Relief

Ben has been out of town for work for this entire week. He, his boss, and one of his co-workers went to Texas to work with another plant owned by their business. I was worried about this trip for a lot of reasons, the primary one being the hugely pregnant me being left alone with the girls all week.

We were fine during the day--we're used to that. But I was worried about the evenings, especially with Shay being such a Daddy's girl. I was worried about our house becoming a filthy pit of toys with me unable to bend over and clean up because I'd be too sore from chasing the girls all day. I was worried because I can't give the girls baths anymore, what with my bulging stomach preventing me from getting close to the tub, and my vulvar varicosis and sciatic preventing me from any kind of squatting or getting down low. I was worried about something unexpected happening with the pregnancy. I was worried about Ben traveling. What can I say? I'm just a worrier.

But, largely thanks to some amazing friends, we have no officially survived the week. On Tuesday night, Cathy brought her boys Chris and Sam over to distract my kiddos, and then her husband Eric came over for dinner and helped me fix my car's review mirror. On Wednesday, Andrea and I met up for a Denny's dinner reminiscent of the college years (except that we had four little girls in tow this time), and then she came over and bathed my girls for me (what an angel!). Last night, the girls and I did dinner with our friend Mike and his oldest daughter Emily for dinner, which his wife Kathleen was nice enough let him do while she stayed home with a sick baby. These outings and playdates really helped to break up the week!

The worst thing that happened while Ben was gone was last night, when Shay utterly refused to go to sleep. Then Bryn kept hearing her cry, so Bryn kept telling me that I needed to help Shay, and then Bryn wouldn't sleep, so then I couldn't sleep...... It was a LONG night, starting with 8:30 bedtime, before I eventually shut the dogs in the basement, tucked Bryn into the big bed with me, and turned the volume off our video monitor at 12:30. Then I stayed awake staring at the monitor until Shay fell asleep, and Bryn zonked out in about 2 seconds in my bed once she was free of the sound of Shay. Today all three of us have been Girls on the Edge thanks to our lack of sleep, but thankfully, Ben just arrived home and we have a nice empty weekend ahead of us so we can all recover and spend some quality time together.

Here's a picture of the girls welcoming their Daddy back home:

One final note--the last time Ben was out of town was when I found out that I was pregnant this time around. I am now quite thankful to report that we did NOT bookend the pregnancy with his trips out of town!!! LOL

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SuperSillyAunt said...

I do SO feel your pain. But I think I may have it a little easier since my youngest is a year older than your oldest. All I have to do is wash hair and Kaylee can do the rest. I'm glad Ben is home! Ryan gets home tomorrow!