Saturday, January 02, 2010

Post-Christmas Blechs

Let me say up front that our family had a really good Christmas this year.... or rather, five really good Christmases. We opened presents at our own house on the 22nd, then with my mom on Christmas morning, then with my mom's extended family on Christmas night, then with my dad and family on the 26th, then with Ben's family on the 27th. Bryn actually cried on December 29, when she asked when we were going to have Christmas again and we told her "not until next year." It was really wonderful to get to see all our families and spend the special time with them.

However, our Christmas tour did leave us with some less-than-pleasant remnants. These things were not due to our families in any way, but rather due to the weather and my own stupidity. On December 23, my OB informed me that I really shouldn't be traveling, as riding in the car was likely to lead to some complications. I thought, "That's nice, but I'm not canceling on our families at this point. I'm sure I'll be fine. I'll just get out and stretch often." But then there were massive snowstorms, which nearly doubled the length of time we were in the car, and also prevented me from getting out to stretch. Several legs of our journey saw me as a sobbing mess, literally in more pain than I was when I delivered Shay (although I do have to say that she was a pretty easy delivery, as pushing out a human goes).

On top of all of that, we managed to pick up some diseases while traveling. Maybe it was being in so many new places and being around so many people in such a short amount of time; I don't know. But as a result, our family has spent the week following our Christmas travels as a bunch of invalids. Here's the run-down:

The first to get sick. She developed a runny nose while we were with Ben's family, which then morphed into a really nasty cold that she's still struggling with a week later. Her tongue also turned all gray and nasty, thus sending me running straight to the doctor when we returned to Indy. He diagnosed her with "geographic tongue," which basically means that her tongue will do funky things as an indicator when she's sick with something else. And what's the something else? A double ear infection. Luckily, she got on medication our first day back and seems to be fully recovered now, aside from the runny nose.

The healthiest one of us all. She has a tiny little cold but is otherwise fine. Of course, she frequently and pathetically tells us that she "doesn't feel good" as so to fit in with the rest of us, but really, she's fine. (Good thing too, since she had the flu before Christmas, which landed her on the couch as a pitiful mess for three days then.)

Made it to work on our first day back, then complained of "feeling achey" that night. By midnight, "achey" had commenced into puking, and he was down for the next day and a half with the flu. He's also struggled with the same cold that we all have, but that hasn't slowed him down too much.

As is my talent for acquiring strange diseases, I ended up in pretty bad shape. On our first day back, I went to the OB to figure out what on earth was causing me so much pain, and I learned that I have both a bacterial infection (which medication seems to have cleared up just fine) and vulval varicosis (aka varicose veins), which hurt like hell. The varicosis is a result of having sat too long in the car and will not go away for the rest of this pregnancy. It will also definitely come back if I should become pregnant again after this. I guess this shouldn't be so much of a shocker, since my mom had really bad varicose veins in her legs as a result of pregnancy, but OUCH, am I ever in a lot of pain. No remedy, of course, so I just try to sit and elevate my legs as much as possible. As if this wasn't enough, on the day after Ben came down with the flu, I managed to get the nastiest cough/cold of all time. It started out like Shay's, then moved rapidly into my lungs, which has had me hacking like an 80-year-old smoker all week. Ben says that I am truly disgusting. Thankfully, our wonderful family doctor put me on a Z-pac yesterday, and I'm already starting to feel more human. All these meds, however, do bring me up to a grand total of 9 prescription bills a day, not including Tylenol and Sudafed for my various ailments. I'm pretty sure that's more drugs than most old people take (although, to be fair, 3 of the daily pills are for my thyroid, which I will have to take for the rest of my life). So I am anxiously awaiting 1) the end of these infections and 2) the end of this pregnancy so that I can stop feeling vaguely like a drug addict. :)

In light of all of our post-Christmas illnesses, we pretty much haven't left the house since returning to Indy. Ben goes back to work on Monday, and the girls and I hope to be back in the swing of things shortly after that as well. But we're taking all of our ailments, as well as the difficulty we had traveling with the 2 girls and all our presents, not to mention the impending arrival of Baby #3, as conclusive proof that we should spend next Christmas at our own house!!


Janet and Kevin said...

Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Hope you get better soon!


SlyGly said...

Wow, Amy! I'm so glad that you don't have to go to work tomorrow!

Cathy said...

I'm so sorry it was so Blechy, but glad you are all on the mend. Chris is looking forward to seeing Bryn tomorrow at school!

Melissa said...

i hope you all get well soon!