Thursday, January 14, 2010

Night of Freebies

So today was a long day in a long week. My pregnancy aches and pains have been getting me down lately, as has Shay's case of the "terrible twos" and Bryn's 4-year-old lack of listening skills. Overall, I have been in desperate need of some rejuvenation.

I started out my afternoon with a bad headache and no nap (probably related to each other). I was rushing around to get out of the house. Ben came home from work an hour early to relieve me so that I could be on time for this survey panel thing. I was scheduled to participate in a market research study about lotion. Two hours of discussion = $125. Definitely a good deal, but I was also definitely running on empty and not in the mood for, well, anything.

I arrived at the market research facility and got a Coke and some Goldfish crackers--not the classiest snacks ever, but nice to be able to sit quietly and have snack without anyone begging me for a bite. Then one of the employees came in and said that they had scheduled too many people for the study, and four of us would get to go home. And I was one of the lucky four! Suddenly a whole evening of free time spread out in front of me.

But wait, it gets better. Because I had actually qualified for the study and showed up on time and jumped through all the other hoops appropriately, I still got paid! On the spot. So I sat there and enjoyed my Coke while they cut me a check for $125. SCORE!

I also got two sample-size bottles of lotion from the study. And the extra good news is that I am still eligible to do a market research study as soon as there's another one that I qualify for, rather than having to wait 6 months to even attempt to qualify for another, which is the typical policy after participating in one.

* Side note--if any Indy people want to be referred to do market research studies, let me know, and I'll get yet another bonus for referring you. Let's try to push tonight's good luck as far as possible! :)

And after that, my night got even better. My friend Cathy had left me a message earlier that said that she had a flier that she wasn't going to use that was good for a free pizza from a new place opening in town. So after I left the survey place, I went to her house and got the flier and came home bearing a free pizza for dinner. Yum. Food is always better when 1) I don't have to cook it myself and 2) I don't have to pay for it either!

To crown off the night, I stopped at a local Redbox location and used a free code I'd gotten on the internet (DVDONME, for anybody else who wants to cash in) to get a free chick flick for the night. So I spent my evening sitting on the couch, watching a free movie and eating free pizza, reveling in the extra free money that had just found its way into our bank account. What a great night!


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Wow! That's great! I'm so glad things worked out so well for you, and that the pizza went to good use, as I was hoping it would.