Monday, January 25, 2010

My Little Genius

A combination today of "Magic Marker Monday" and "Makes My Monday." Actually, it made my Friday, since that's when this incident occurred, but I didn't manage to get to posting it until today. :)

This past Friday, I had my MOPS meeting. Bryn had been up for the majority of the night before (due to Shay's crying and Daddy's being gone), so she was uber-cranky. She refused to go to the childcare area and wanted nothing except to be with Mommy, so I took her into the meeting with me. She was actually very good and helped to hand out materials to all the moms before settling in quietly at my side and coloring.

I gave her a piece of scrap paper, thinking that it would keep her amused for about 2 seconds, but she bent over that paper with her pen and focused very hard. A scan is below. First, she wrote her own name, which you can see toward the top.

Then, she wrote "Mommy," which kind of looks like "MY" (new line) "MOW". Trust me, it was a lot more clear at the time, before she filled in around it.

So I'm chatting with the ladies at my table, when the woman next to me says with surprise, "Can Bryn write the whole alphabet?" "Oh, no," I responded, "Just a few letters." The woman then silently pointed to Bryn's paper, where she has written out the alphabet A-K in the correct order. WOW. I had no idea she could do that! I then got so excited about it that she got all distracted and stopped writing. I wonder how much further she could have gone if I'd left her alone??

You will also notice that she wrote "123" (with the 2 and the 3 backwards) and drew a stick figure.... which pretty much brings her up to the same level of artistic ability as me. :)
This morning, she was coloring again, and after bringing me some of her papers, she said, "Mom, you know what? I want to be an artist when I grow up."
When I was about her age, or a little older, I also desperately wanted to be an artist, and I even had a building picked out in my original hometown of Chillicothe that I planned to turn into my studio. I told her this, leaving out the part where I later discovered that I had no artistic talent whatsoever.
Her little brow furrowed as she thought, and then she said, "But you did not become an artist. You are a mommy."
"That's right," I said, "And I love being your mommy."
Bryn: "I want to be a mommy too. Can I be an artist AND a mommy?"
Me: "Of course you can. You can be whatever you want."
Bryn: "Good. I will do that then."
Me: "So when you are a mommy, how many children do you want to have?"

Bryn: "Oh, maybe four. Or five. I like kids."
Yep, I'd say she's a chip off the old block. :)


SuperSillyAunt said...

Kaylee wants to be an artist too. And she's going to have twins. These girls, hee hee...they're so sweet!

Andrea said...

Wow! I am super impressed! And her stick figure drawing skills may actually exceed mine. LOL