Monday, January 11, 2010

Magic Marker Monday

Bryn has already devoted much of 2010 to creating artistic masterpieces. This is one of her latest creations, which she drew for her Nana. You can see the large cross at the top, which, as she says, means that "God is with us." She has also taken to writing her name all by herself. This skill came virtually out of nowhere--one day, she wasn't writing any letters at all, and the next, she was labelling every piece of paper in the house with her name. She colored over and inside of some of her letters here, but you can see at least the "BR" of one rendition of her name and the "RYN" of another.

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SuperSillyAunt said...

She has talent! Both of my girls could magically write their names too. Shortly after Kaylee was born, Alexis had spelled her name out with crayons on the floor (she didn't draw on the floor, but used the crayons kind of like blocks). I was amazed! I just love how Bryn loves to talk about God! Trust me, as long as you keep this part in her life a priority, everything else will fall into place.