Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Little Miss Short Hair

For the past two years, Bryn has taken great pride in her "long hair." She has especially relished the title of "longest hair in our family." But lately, she has been complaining that it is "too, too long," and telling us that she wants to cut it so she won't have so many tangles. She absolutely hates having her hair washed, hates brushing it after baths, and hates brushing it in the morning. It's that same baby-fine texture as most kids have, although hers may stay like that, since it's the texture that mine still is.

Anyway, I was due for a haircut myself, so I agreed to let Bryn get one too. When I asked her at home how much she wanted to get it cut, she indicated about an inch with her fingers. Well, it was high time for at least that, since she hadn't had a trim since shortly before Jill and Jim's wedding in August. So off we went.

When we got there, I told her that since it's her hair, she was allowed to pick how she wanted it cut. And when the stylist asked her how she wanted it, Bryn indicated her shoulders. This was clearly NOT what we had agreed upon, but I told her that she wasn't allowed to cry if she didn't like it and then let her go for it. I about died during the first few snips, but it turned out absolutely adorable. She has been admiring herself in mirrors for the last 36 hours, and Ben and I can't believe how old she looks--definitely older than 4 years old! Plus--bonus--there is no more crying about washing or brushing hair!

Doesn't she look so big?!?! I think we may have called her "Little Miss Short Hair" a few too many times, because now she has taken to looking in the mirror and saying, "Look, Mommy, I'm Little Miss Short Hair!" LOL

I like her cut so much that I'm considering growing mine out to match. I was actually thinking that I was going to grow my hair out anyway, which is why I waited 6 weeks instead of my usual 4 for a haircut. My hair is just such a pain; since it's incredibly thick but still has that baby-fine texture, it won't do a darn thing by lay there and fall in my eyes. Thus why I keep cutting it off. At any rate, I gave in and got it cut again after contemplating that it's probably not a great idea to embark on any hair adventures at the same time as having a baby. Plus, while I'm not always happy with how it looks, I AM happy with the fact that it takes me about 5 seconds to wash my hair and 2 seconds to "style" it each day right now. So we'll continue with the short hair until the baby arrives and settles into some kind of schedule, and then we'll see
Oh, and Shay is now excited to be the bearer of the "longest hair in the family" title. I took this picture at the Children's Museum over the weekend, and if you can work past the hideous bright green boa that she tried on at the new Barbie exhibit, you can appreciate how long her hair is. And blond. And no more bangs. Such a big girl! Good thing I'm having another baby to keep me company with two such big kids around. :)


SlyGly said...

Wow, those two are getting big! I'm really enjoying your frequent postings, Amy!

Ragfield said...

When is Ben going to pick up the slack and grow his hair out long?

Corie said...

I meant to tell Bryn at dance tonight that her hair looks sooo cute. I like it!

Andrea said...

Very cute!

amypfan said...

Rob--don't give him any ideas!!