Sunday, January 31, 2010

January in Review - Shay

And here's Shay's calendar for January:

1 - Happy 2010! Quiet family day at home.

2 - Seems to be mostly recovered from cold

3 - Promoted out of nursery and into Turtles' class at church

4 - Consistently asks for "Bible story" before bed (both at night and at naptime)

5 - Evening Kindermusik class with Mommy--loves to rock animals, play triangle, and dance in circles around Mommy

6 - Nana visits--has dinner with us and spends the night

7 - Goes to Kindermusik with Nana, then special lunch at McDonald's

8 - Snow day! Stay warm inside all day.

9 - Lunch with Ben W before he leaves for Vienna. Dinner with Grammy and Uncle Brian.

10 - Moves into big girl room! Wakes up often crying in the night.

11 - Kindermusik make-up class, then library playdate with Lauren and Parker--colors about 30 snowman pictures!

12 - Loves to look at kitties and other animals at Petsmart

13 - Fussy often; frequently demands candy, cookies, and fruit snacks

14 - Loves her "special" white kitty that she got for Christmas and wants to take it everywhere with her

15 - Repeatedly declares that Shay is "Daddy's girl"

16 - "Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb" is her favorite book and she wants to read it over and over again

17 - Learns "Father Abraham" at church and sings it all afternoon

18 - Goes through tons of paper while coloring and using stickers--some of her current favorite passtimes

19 - Daddy goes out of town on a business trip to Texas, and Shay cries repeatedly for him all day

20 - After a playdate with the Elstros, Shay wakes up in the night crying for Hannah--guess she had fun!

21 - Won't sleep--up crying until at least 12:30, keeping Mommy and Bryn awake as well

22 - Thrilled to have Daddy home from Texas! Doesn't want to leave his side.

23 - Gets foot stuck in between crib slats and naptime--cries and cries. :( Mommy needs Daddy's help to pry Shay out.

24 - Initially a little scared, but then loves planetarium show with Elmo and Big Bird at the Children's Museum

25 - Loves Sesame Street characters, especially Ernie, and insists on seeing which ones are on her diaper before we put it on

26 - Loves to respond to questions witha loud and enthusiastic "YETH!" (yes)

27 - Tells Bryn that "Shay wants to be a daddy!" when she grows up

28 - Throws up in the morning and at naptime, but has decent energy level in between

29 - Very sick in the morning; glazed-over, lethargic, and cuddly all day. Naps in Mommy's big bed. Perks up in the evening with Pedialyte.

30 - Loves to listen to "music class" (Kindermusik cd) and dance to it

31 - Starting to get good at puzzles (the kind of holes for each piece)

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