Sunday, January 31, 2010

January in Review - Bryn

As some of you may remember from last year (when I was better about posting blogs), I keep (or try to keep) daily calendars of what my girls are doing. Here's Bryn's January in Review:

1 - Happy 2010! Quiet family day at home.

2 - Loves to write her own name on every available surface (include walls and closet doors)

3 - Sick with cough and cold - can't sleep

4 - Knows how to spell "Mommy" - both aloud and on paper

5 - Learns about seasons and winter weather at school

6 - Nana visits - has dinner with us and spends the night

7 - Learns about snow and snowmen at school

8 - Snow day! Stay warm inside all day

9 - Lunch with Ben W before he leaves for Vienna. Dinner with Grammy and Uncle Brian.

10 - Favorite toy is "Horsier," the huge pink unicorn, which she loves to both ride and sleep with.

11 - Gets to go to Shay's music class (loves it!), then plays on the library computer..... very good at figure out how to do games

12 - Painted and worked on large muscle skills (jumping, hopping) at school

13 - First Wednesday at school--big girl! Focus on the letter E (elephant).

14 - Learns about the circus (especially monkeys) at school

15 - MOPS Breakfast Club at our house--Bryn really likes playing with Kendyl R.

16 - Takes her "work" (usually coloring or stickers) very seriously--won't be distracted and insists "I need to do my work!"

17 - Still loves 13-year-old Brendan and is incredibly happy when he helps in her Sunday School class

18 - loves "Smaller Than Most" book about pandas and declares it is her favorite

19 - At school, learns about lions and practices fine motor skills (tracing lines)

20 - Trip to Denny's with the Elstro girls, then played "mermaid" in bathtub with Hannah afterwards

21 - Shay cries until 12:30 and won't sleep--and Bryn won't sleep either, because she's worried about Shay

22 - Can write out alphabet A-K all by herself

23 - Loves to watch "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" and "Dora the Explorer" DVDs

24 - Loves Barbie exhibit at Children's Museum, especially playing "dress up"

25 - Gets hair cut to shoulders (at her own request) and looks SO grown up!

26 - Learns about adresses at school--could already recite most of her own address (just sometimes leaves numbers out of house number)

27 - Learns about the letter D at school--and celebrates with breakfast and Dunkin Donuts with Daddy

28 - Gets great report at preschool conference--teachers (and Mommy and Daddy!) are thrilled at how much Bryn loves to learn

29 - Can barely be pried away from computer games at likes those featuring Dora and Diego

30 - Sick with the flu--very cuddly and sad all day, refuses to leave Mommy's side

31 - Knows her right from her left

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