Sunday, January 03, 2010


My 4-year-old has found true love.

No, there are no new little boys in her life. I wish it was that simple.

She has discovered the computer. And not just the computer, but the internet.

Previously, she was vaguely intrigued by the computer when she saw Ben and I using it. She liked to sit on my lap and look at our archives of pictures, and she would occassionally get a big kick out of having me open a blank Word document and letting her type gibberish.

But now, in some way that I'm not terribly clear about (but it wasn't me!), she has discovered the Nick Jr. website. And there is no turning back.

She would spend all day navigating that site and playing games if we let her. I've actually been pretty wowed by her technological skills in figuring out how to play new games without actually being able to read the instructions. Diego is her favorite, but in a pinch, she'll play anything on the site.

This morning, she played online for two hours before agreeing to take a break to eat breakfast and go to the bathroom. And then it was right back to the computer. When Ben told her that she had to get off the computer to get ready for church, she climbed down from the chair and walked stoop-shouldered out of the room.

"Where is she going?" I asked Ben.
" I don't know. To the bathroom?" he responded.

A few minutes later, we found her sitting in the corner of the downstairs bathroom in the dark, curled up in complete misery. Laughing, I asked Ben, "Did you break her?"

When we finally coaxed her out of the bathroom, she climbed up on my lap and informed me sorrowfully, "Daddy broke my heart."

Yes, folks, that's right. Ben broke Bryn's heart.... all by only allowing her 2 hours of computer time in a morning. It's a rough life.

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Ragfield said...

All I can say is I'm glad Ben isn't my dad :)