Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Brynie's Babies, Part 2

For those who have not yet read the saga of the babies that Bryn believes are growing in her belly, you can get caught up here.

I really thought that she was starting to get over her obsession with her "two babies." She was talking about it far less for several weeks. But in the past two weeks, Bryn has again become obsessed with her babies (Clark and Lois Lane) and talks about them all the time.

She also complains about how the inconvenience her more than any actual pregnant woman I have ever met. For example, whenever we ask her to pick up her toys, she sighs and says, "But I can't bend over....because of the babies in my belly."

The babies are apparently also responsible for any misfortune that befalls her. Last week, she had the flu for two days. But she simply would not believe that she was sick. Rather, she said that it was the babies in her belly that were causing her to throw up. Now, I understand that she's only 4, and probably the only time she has ever seen anyone else throw up was during my first trimester of this pregnancy. But still.

She still insists that her babies are real. She has now learned what the word "pretend" means, and this is a category into which her babies emphatically do NOT fall.

I have continued trying to reason with her on this subject, but her powers of persuasion are starting to wear me down. The other night, I very logically explained to her that four-year-olds do not have babies. Only grown-ups have babies. She listend respectfully, then explained, "Mommy, I know that MOST four-year-olds do not have babies. But God knows that I will be a good mommy, so He put these babies in my belly."

I was completely floored by that and had no idea what to say. When I repeated the story to my friend Christianne, though, she replied, "Well, that's probably what Mary had to say to her mother too. You know, 'Mom, I know that MOST virgins don't have babies, but God put this one in my stomach....'"

Ben was apparently disturbed by this analysis, as later that night, he asked me, "Seriously, honey, what would we do if our four-year-old gave birth to twins on Christmas?"

Clearly we are all getting a bit worn down by this.

Our pediatrician, though, says not to worry--that lots of kids go through things like this when their mommies are pregnant (although Bryn does seem to have given it more thought than many) and that she will likely get over it when my baby comes and she is distracted by helping to take care of him.

This does seem to be the most successful approach we've tried yet, as when I explained to Bryn that her babies couldn't come for a good long while (like until she's at least 25) because she will need to help me with her baby brother, she considered it carefully and then said, "Okay, Mommy, I will keep my babies in my belly until after Baby Liam comes." So at least we've got that.

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