Wednesday, December 16, 2009

2-Year-Old Theology

Last week, Shay and I were playing with her Little People. She and Bryn got the Little People nativity set for Christmas last year and love to play with it. On this particular day last week, she was on the hunt for Baby Jesus. We eventually located him, as well as Mary and Joseph. Then I told Shay, "Okay, now you can put him in his house." She clutched him in her little hand, stood very still, and looked back and forth between her various Little People sets. "Right there, sweetie," I said, pointing at the stable. But she seemed to have made up her mind and, ignoring me, went and placed him in a position of prominence in her castle.

This really got me thinking about how when Jesus was born, the religious people of the time expected him to be born in a castle, a member of the royalty, the King of Kings. But instead He came in a lowly manger, accessible to all people.

I tried to explain this to Shay, but maybe adult theology was lost on my 2-year-old. :) Still, a very cool lesson for both Mommy and daughter.

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Alicia said...

Shay seems to be much more spiritual than Parker. Her favorite locations for Baby Jesus are on top of the manager, chucked across the room and in her mouth.