Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ups and Downs

It has been an odd sort of week. I have absolutely loved being home with the girls, getting to spend time with them and be part of their daily routines. I love getting back to my "real" life, starting back into activities that I have really missed over the last year. Here's a quick run-down of what my first week "off" entailed:

Friday night - We went to the Zionsville Fall Festival, which is basically a carnival. The kids had a fantastic time eating snowcones, playing overpriced games for cheap prizes, and riding every kiddie ride there. Based on the absolute glee on her face while riding, I think our Shay is going to grow up to be a thrill-seeker!

Saturday - Grammy Tina (my mom) visited, and she went to the circus with us. Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey were in town, and we sprang for far better seats than in previous years. This year we could actually see what was happening rather than feeling like we were going to fall off the edge of the world. :) The girls loved the circus (and the snacks that went with it!), but I think Grammy liked it best of all, not having been to one since her kids were little! Then home for late naps, and then out to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory (super yum!) with Grammy and Aunt Kristin.

Sunday - Grammy headed home, and we went to church. A nice, relatively quiet day to get caught up on things.

Monday - The girls were champs and accompanied me on errands all morning as I attempted to get caught up on the million things I have neglected over the last six weeks. We celebrated by going out to lunch at Steak 'n' Shake with Cathy, Christopher, and Samuel. At night, I actually cooked a big elaborate dinner--something that hasn't happened in a very long time! Between my nausea over the summer and the busyness of working this fall, our diet has not been the greatest. I cooked good stuff every night this week and am really excited about getting back into the routine. Ben keeps moaning and groaning that he's going to gain weight, but I know he secretly likes it. :)

Tuesday - I took Bryn to preschool, and then Shay and I ran some more errands, including a long-overdue trip to the bank to iron out some things with our mortgage and my retirement account. We then played at the playground for a nice long time, and I got a good long catch-up phonecall with my friend Melissa, who has recently become a mommy to baby Will. Tuesday evening held dance class for Bryn--trust me, you cannot wait to see the cute pictures of this!

Wednesday - The girls and I headed to my Mom to Mom group at church. I was part of this group for the two years that I stayed home before, and I really missed it last year. It was SO good to get back with all these wonderful ladies and meet some new ones who have joined over the past year.

Thursday - Preschool for Bryn again. She adores her school and begs to go even on the days that it doesn't meet. While she was in class this day, Shay and I drove across town to attend her first Kindermusik class. We had both girls in a Family Time class last fall, which is designed for families with kids of multiple ages. That was fun, but already I can see Shay getting so much more out of a class designed especially for her age group.

Friday - The girls were again angel babies while I dragged them on errands. After way too short naps, I yanked them out of deep sleeps to throw then in the car and drive to my OB's office, where Ben met us in the parking lot and took them to the park during my appointment. I am thrilled to report that the baby has a good strong heartbeat and all is going well!! When we got home, Rob, Andrea, Hannah, and Hailey joined us for an evening of dinner and games. Bryn and Hannah are so cute playing together!

Saturday - I got up early and headed out to a nearby church for the Start from the Heart parenting conference. I got soooo pumped up from this and learned so many great things! I'll have to do a separate post just about that. Following the conference, I ran some errands for crafting supplies for the many projects I have planned. In the evening, we went to church and then went had a scrumptious dinner with the Julius clan, Mike, Kathleen, Emily, Sarah, and Kristin.

Sunday - Ben and I worked in Bryn's class at church this morning. Since then, it's been a pretty quiet afternoon and evening of getting caught up on some things around the house. Our big project was moving the crib and toddler bed out of Bryn's room and then moving in a big bed (actually the double bed I used before we got married). Tonight will be her first night in that!

So those were all the "ups" of the week, and I have several photo posts to follow to illustrate all those great things. The "downs" of the week have largely been remember. This week marked both the three-year anniversary of my first miscarriage and the one-year anniversary of my third miscarriage. While we are in a really good place right now, with two beautiful girls and a healthy baby on the way, it was still very, very hard to remember those babies that didn't make it. It made for a very odd juxtaposition, being so happy about being home with the girls while still being so sad about the bad things that have come before. Thank you to the many, many friends who expressed such an outpouring of love and support this week--love you all!

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