Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More Information

Thank you so much for the deluge of well wishes that followed my last post! To attempt to answer some of the questions that you asked....

No, we do not know yet if it is a boy or a girl, but yes, we will be finding out. My new OB doesn't check until 20 weeks, so I've got a little less than 5 more to go before we can answer that burning question. :)

As for the "what are we hoping for," I'm not sure there's a good answer to that. Honestly, we'll just be thrilled to have a third baby. It wasn't that long ago (when I left University) that I was pretty sure there would be no more babies in our future (as I could no longer pay for fertility treatments), but God has a far better sense of timing than I do. We were very worried in the early days, but it looks like my number of "good" pregnancies will now be equal to my number of miscarriages. I know Ben would love a son, as so to add a little more male to our "house of women." As for me, I rooted for a boy with both Bryn and Shay, but in the end, I couldn't be happier with my two little princesses, so I'll take whatever I get!

Regarding the fertility treatments.... after six months of constant medication, shots, and bloodwork, not to mention immense medical bills, with no results, I lost my job at University and had to stop the treatments. Obviously we worried that without the treatments, I was a huge risk for another miscarriage, if I was even able to get pregnant again. But God is SO good, and I got pregnant during my first month off the fertility medicine. Of course, this was also my first month away from my uber-stressful job, so that may have had something to do with it as well....

But, yes, the fertility medication was out of my system, and yes, we are sure there's just one in there. I think that's pretty clear from the ultrasounds :), but there's also just one heartbeat.

And yes, Bryn and Shay seem to be really excited about being big sisters. Bryn tells everyone that "Mommy's baby is making her sick" (more on that in a second), and if you ask Shay where the baby is, she knows to point to Mommy's belly. Bryn seems to actually understand and keeps telling me that when the baby comes, she will help me rock it and give it milk. Shay's probably a little young for understanding (although about 4 months older than Bryn was when I was pregnant with her), but babies are one of her favorite things in the world, and she is constantly fawning over our friends' babies, so I think we're good there. :)

As for illness, I was pretty gross over the summer, which largely accounts for my lack of blogging during that time. Not as sick as I was with Bryn, for those who remember that nightmare, but definitely far sicker than I was with Shay. I have also had massive headaches nearly daily, and these have not lessened as I have entered the second trimester, although everything else seems to be feeling better. I am also insanely tired, but that may have something to do with the "working full time" and "raising a 1-year-old and a 3-year-old" in addition to the being pregnant. :)

Thankfully, my last day of work at Tri-West was this past Friday, and I am now officially a stay at home mom. While I really liked all the people I worked with, and it was nice to get back into a teaching job that didn't make me hate the world, I am quite happy to be done. It's wonderful to be home with the girls. And mid-day naps aren't bad either. :)

So, what do the next few months hold for us? No, I will not be looking for another job (not that I exactly looked for this last one either). I really do plan to stay at home at least the rest of this year, and hopefully beyond that as well, if finances permit. As her second birthday present this November, Shay will be moving out of the nursery and into her "big girl" room, which is the same thing that Bryn got for her second birthday. We haven't decided which of the two spare rooms to change into her room yet or how to decorate it, but once those decisions are made, I'm sure they will keep me very busy over the next two months! Many items, such as the crib and the toddler bed, will be moving out of Bryn's room and into Shay's, and Bryn will be getting the big bed out of the current guest room. Then the baby will be moving into the nursery, which is currently Shay's but was Bryn's before that. Meanwhile, I'm trying to finish up a million unfinished projects, such as completing (okay, starting) Shay's baby book and decorating the playroom, before this baby arrives.

Look for posts over the next few days over all the fun we've had in the past few weeks, including a trip to Camp Tecumseh, fun at the local fair, and the circus. Although I'm a "lady of leisure" these days, my girls are keeping plenty busy. Bryn has preschool two days a week, and she has also started taking dance lessons. Shay starts Kindermusik class this week. I'll also be rejoining my two local moms' groups. So all in all, we've still got something on the calendar for nearly every day, and we're having a great time!

As a side note, even when I don't have time to sit down and blog, I do try to keep my Twitter somewhat updated, and that shows up in my blog sidebar, so you can always check that if you're desperate to know how we're all doing. :)


Krysten said...

Glad to hear things are going well! I do wish I could stay home as well, particularly since I've been feeling so bad. But, if we're ever going to pay off the ever amassing bills from me feeling so bad, not working is not an option. Thankfully I have my phenomenal mother who, in addition to watching Sadie, has been cooking, cleaning, mowing, and doing laundry. I am VERY spoiled, but I am at least trying to recognize it!

Can't wait to hear more about the baby and about all that's been going on with you! And, we're really, really, really trying to make sure I'm feeling well enough by Homecoming that we can get over to Butler and see you!

Andrea said...

I'm glad everything is going well. It was wonderful to see you today - I look forward to seeing soon if you and I were right about the gender of your baby! ;)

I'll let you know about Monday. Right now, I'm leaning towards "yes" but we'll have to see!