Sunday, September 20, 2009

Catching Up: Weekend at Camp Tecumseh

During the first weekend in September, our family headed up to Brookston to celebrate Camp Tecumseh's 85th year. This was a fantastic chance to get caught up on old friends from our camp days (5 years as a camper and 5 years as a counselor for me, and I even dragged Ben along for one summer as a counselor) and show our girls the place that we love so much. They quickly fell in love with it too and had a truly fantastic weekend. We all spent the day trying out various camp activities, such as the Black Hole slide, the Three House Treehouse playground, paddleboats on the lake, the new frisbee golf course (that one was just Ben), a trail ride for Bryn, new games, a picnic dinner, and a campfire full of favorite songs and skits. Ben and Shay headed home after the campfire, and Bryn and I spent the night at camp. In the morning, we had breakfast in the dining hall, went to outdoor chapel, and even fit in another trail ride before heading home. What a fantastic weekend!

Ben and the girls at the top of the Black Hole slide

Equestrian Bryn, ready for her first horse ride

Bryn petting her horse of choice--she had to have a white one!

Is she really big enough for this?!?! Bryn on "her" horse, Minnie.

Bryn with the chickens at the mini-farm--she couldn't get enough of this place!

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