Sunday, September 20, 2009

Catching Up: Bryn's First Day of School

This is Bryn's second year at St. Andrew's Nursery School. She absolutely adores it and couldn't wait to get back this fall! We think the school is a huge godsend, as it has transformed her from the shy, clingy little girl of last fall to the chatterbox of the present day. I was pretty bummed this year because I wasn't able to attend her first day, since subs don't really get days off. But Ben had a great time taking her and getting to be part of the whole experience.

Ready to go
These are the only tears that Bryn shed on the first day. Why was she crying? Because they got to school too early and Daddy suggested going to get a doughnut instead of waiting in the parking lot. All Bryn wanted to do was go to her school!!

Enjoying the classroom toys next to her friend Chris

Pretending to call Mommy to tell me what a great day she was having!

Bryn and Chris with their incredibly fantastic teachers

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Kathleen said...

OMG! The preschool has my Sesame Street Little People playset! That is awesome!!!