Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wonderful Wedding

We spent Thursday through Sunday of last week up in Grand Rapids, preparing for and celebrating the wedding of my wonderful sister-in-law Jill to an equally wonderful man, Jim. We had so much fun spending time with Ben's extended family and many of Jill's friends. Jill was easily the most organized bride I have ever seen, and she never seemed to get even the slightest bit nervous or overwhelmed. She even hosted family and friends for a cookout at her house on Thursday night! Bryn and Shay were the flower girls, and they absolutely loved getting dressed up to be part of Aunt Jill's big day, not to mention hanging out with the very fun bridesmaids. I have tons of wonderful stories and pictures, but here's just a sampling of my favorites:

Look at my big girl! Bryn got her hair done for the very first time. She was incredibly well-behaved, holding still better than most adults would have! She loved feeling so grown-up, and the resulting head of curls made her look so old!

And here's the finished product.... Flower Girl Bryn. Ignore for a second the fact that she has her eyes closed, and just look at how old she seems!

Luckily this one is still clearly a little girl.... Her hair was too short and fine to style, and while she did enjoy getting her nails painted like her big sister, she chewed on her hands so much that most of the polish was off by the end of the night! She also carried her bottle down the aisle with her during the actual wedding. But both girls did very well during the wedding, making it all the way down the aisle and actually scattering flowers as they went.

Lest I lead you to believe that the weekend was all about my kids (well, Bryn thinks it was, but the rest of us know better!), here's the happy couple, the new Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Jill King!

This is just one shot of the reception. I had a hard time keeping Bryn in her seat during dinner, because she couldn't wait to go dance. As soon as the official wedding party dances were over, she was on the dance floor and wouldn't leave! She danced the entire night away, sharing dances with Mommy, Daddy, Nana, Aunt Jill, Uncle Jim, and Shay. She also participated in a line dance, learning the moves as she went along. While the other kids danced with her at the beginning, they eventually got worn out, and for most of the night, she was the only kid on the floor with all of the adults! Wish I had that kind of moves... :) Here she is with her favorite dance partner, the ring bearer, who she is now desperately in love with.

All in all, such a great weekend! Congratulations again to Jill and Jim!


Krysten said...

OMG so cute! I saw a couple of the pics up on FB, but I'm so glad you posted these on here! The wedding certainly looked like it went well and I am not surprised at all that Shay went down the aisle with her bottle - a girl's got to have a little security, right?

Glad you were able to have a nice time! Hope things continue to go well for you and you get over that cold you mentioned on FB!

SuperSillyAunt said...

The girls are beautiful. Bryn does look like a little lady! Our girls never leave the dance floor either!

Andrea said...

Adorable! :)

Anonymous said...

The girls look beautiful in their fancy "gowns"! Jill looks radiant! I do remember you, Amy, as being totally organized and calm as a bride also:)
Love to all,

Cathy said...

The girls look adorable! 3 going on 13! Surely no one would take Chris's place in Bryn's heart? I won't tell Chris, lest he worry, he misses you guys, we need to get together soon!

AngieRenee said...

Sooo cute! Seriously love the dancing one... bryn looks like she is in her element! haha!

SlyGly said...

I love the bold red color.