Sunday, August 16, 2009

Busier than the Bears

Recently, Bryn's favorite books have been the Berenstein Bears. These were also some of my favorite books growing up, so it has been really fun to revisit them. One of the books we have is The Berenstein Bears and Too Much Pressure, which describes how the Bear family has overscheduled themselves to the extent of becoming the Busiest Creatures in Bear Country, leading to all kinds of stress, nightmares, and emotional breakdowns.

During the few moments that we have actually seen each other this week, though, Ben and I have decided that we are far busier than the Bears. Here are just a few of the things we've had on our plates this week:

* both of us working full-time (side note - I actually really like my job so far!)

* tracking schedules of multiple babysitters to make sure the girls are covered at all times (thankfully, our regular sitter is now back from vacation, so this will not be an issue in future weeks)

* me working on lesson planning and grading at night (with 6 classes of 30 kids each, this can get excessive)

* learning all the policies and procedures of a new school, while hitting the ground running with the first week of classes

* taking Bryn to the doctor for her physical (I only remembered that we had an appointment about 15 minutes after it was supposed to start--thankfully, they still worked us in)

* 3 houseguests for 5 days (all good guys that we only get to see about once a year)

* Ben working all night Thursday and Friday, then all weekend, at GenCon gaming convention (this is in addition to his regular office job)

* mountains of laundry, dishes, and grocery shopping (as one might expect with 3 extra people living here for the week)

* daily migraines for me :(

* packing up bedding, diapers, snacks, toys, etc for our kids so they can be babysat at a friend's house this coming week (the girls are very excited to chase Parker's cats and play with her toys this week!!)

* helping out some friends by feeding and letting out their dog while they attended an out-of-town wedding (again, the girls greatly enjoyed chasing Christopher's cat and playing with this toys during this process)

* helping out another friend with her 5-week-old twins for a morning (sooo cute--and Shay is obsessed with babies, so this was huge fun for her!)

* working in the church nursery during an exceptionally crazy week--2 adults to 30 3-year-olds, at least 5 of whom wouldn't stop crying

* attending our neighbor's 2-year-old's birthday party... the hard part on this was convincing our kids to come home at the end!

* transporting numerous out-of-town gaming friends to and from the airport, the convention, meals, etc.

* transporting all the gear, products, and exhibits for Higher Ground Games, Gorilla Games, and Ninja Magic to and from the convention center, then finding homes for it all in our basement

The list could go on and on, but frankly, I'd rather go to bed than continue typing. :) As you can see, most of these were actually really enjoyable activities (okay, maybe not the grading and the laundry.... but most of the rest!), but yikes, was it a lot to take on in one week! Here's hoping this coming week is calmer.... but all signs point to it being just as busy!


Cathy said...

I really appreciated you leaping in to save Fina while we were gone. Thank you!

SuperSillyAunt said...

It's are super woman!

Andrea said...

Wow, that is a lot! I agree with the super woman comment!