Thursday, July 09, 2009

Toddler Girlfriends

We've had the opportunity to do several playdates with friends this summer, and it's so cute to watch Bryn and her little "girlfriends" playing together. Of course, at this stage in life, the parents are basically picking the friends for the kids, but they do seem to legitimately enjoy being around each other. Hannah is the daughter of our friends Rob and Andrea, and Emily is the daughter of our friends Mike and Kathleen. All three of us couples met in the Butler marching band, and all of us now have households full of daughters. Check out this cuteness from a daddy/daughter zoo trip last week--

Hannah, Bryn, and Emily share a seat on the train:

Hannah, Emily, and Bryn pause for a snack:

Hannah, Emily, and Bryn check out the lemurs:

Hannah, Emily, and Bryn snack with Ben, while Shay looks on, thinking, "Geez, I wish their sisters were old enough for me to play with already!"
(Hannah's sister Hailey was born in April, and Emily's twin sisters Kristin and Sarah were born two days ago)
All photos courtesy of Mike (by which I mean that I stole them from his Facebook page). :)

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Andrea said...

Very cute! Wow I didn't notice it until your post, but between our 3 families, there are 7 girls! That's a lot of pink! ;)