Tuesday, July 28, 2009

This & That

Last week was jam-packed for the MeyPfan family, filled with a photo shoot; visits from friends; trips to th e zoo, the Children's Museum, and the library; a trip up north to celebrate various occassions with Ben's family; and all kinds of other things. I'm now taking a second to sit on the couch in my pajamas and attempt to catch you all up on a few of our adventures.

Every year, Ben and I go have a family portrait done for our anniversary. We wear the same basic outfits every year, and we really enjoy being able to chronicle our family's growth through the years. This year's photo shoot was delayed about a month, as Ben was out of town on our real anniversary and we got really busy after he returned. But we did finally make it in, and we were really happy with the results. The one posted here is our favorite.

This photo records Shay's big adventure of last week. We had been to the Children's Museum that morning, and we had all come home exhausted (or so I thought). I put the girls in their beds, then put myself in mine. I just completely passed out and had a nice, deep, dark nap. When I woke, I discovered that Bryn hadn't slept at all, which is actually becoming more and more typical for her ever since she started sleeping in her "big" (toddler) bed instead of her crib (this happened about about two weeks ago). She is apparently too tempted by all her books and toys to stay in bed when given the choice, so she hasn't been sleeping, but she's at least been pretty good about having "quiet time." Anyway, when I woke up that day, I looked at the video monitor and realized, to my horror, that Shay was not in her crib. When I turned up the volume, though, I could hear her babbling happily away to herself. Realizing what had happened, I dashed downstairs and grabbed the camera before entering her room. She was playing happily on the floor, looking at her books, but as soon as I came in, she jumped up, pointed to her crib, and started trying to tell me all about her adventure! She had climbed out of her crib once before this, but we thought that had only been possible because we left the side of her crib partway down. This time, though, the side was all the way up, so I hope this does not herald future performances!

As for our big girl Brynie, she is still a potty training champ. Those of you who have ever spent a day (or an hour) with us know that Bryn drinks far more than your average kid. She can easily polish off a 32-ounce Nalgene during a half hour car ride. Of course, this results in her needing to potty far more than your average kid as well. For example, last week Bryn and I made a quick run to Target and then went out to dinner with friends. By the time we returned home, I had taken her to the bathroom no less than eight times, two of those being emergency stops at gas stations and fast food restaurants along our route. This is really quite a problem, as finding an acceptable potty location, getting both girls out of the car, and making a frantic dash to the bathroom while Bryn cries is not a pleasant experience. Shay has also developed the disturbing habit of trying to stick her hand in the toilet while Bryn uses it. All of this led me to search for other solutions. Eventually I hit on the method of keeping Bryn's training potty in the back of the Jeep. Now, whenever she is struck by the need to go while we're on the road, I just have to pull over (a far easier method than locating a usable bathroom) and take her back there. She loves it, and it makes my life sooo much easier.
Time for us to get the kids in bed, so I'm off. More catching up to follow!


Anonymous said...

Loved the FAM. photo........ The girls are changing soo quickly!!!!!!!!! You still amaze me with your ENDLESS AMOUNT of ENERGY!!!!!!!! Love keeping up with your beautiful family. AND , some day BRYN is gonna really LOVE mama for the REVEALING photo in the back of the van!!!!! :) Hugs to all, logan's grama

Andrea said...

I think that family photo is the best yet! Too cute! :)