Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Glossary of Brynese

A guide to some of the cute (and some of the unintelligible) things said by my daughter Bryn.

"next day" and "last day"
As Ben has commented, these phrases actually make perfect sense to a linear thinker like Bryn. "Next day" means "tomorrow" or "some day in the near future," while "last day" means "yesterday" or "some day in the recent past."
As an example, when I suggested that she wear a certain dress, she looked at me scornfully and said, "No, Mommy, I wear that last day." Clearly she is also very concerned with her fashion sense.

Contrary to how it sounds, this does not refer to an angry bill collector. She's actually just missing the first syllable, meaning "policeman."
The other day, she was playing with her toy phone and apparently received a call from a hysterical Jasmine, who reported that Aladdin was missing. Bryn very sensibly advised Jasmine to find a leaseman for help.

Not a boat used for shipping. Instead, this refers to a "refrigerator."
"Mommy, I want more apple juice out of the freighter."

This is Bryn's word for "dress." We think that it developed when she watched Cinderella over and over again as a 1 year old, and "round" is actually a version of "gown," which she couldn't say at the time. Our other theory is that when she first started wearing dresses, she loved to spin 'round and 'round in them. In any case, she now knows what both "dresses" and "gowns" are and can say both words, but she still calls her own dresses "rounds."
Bryn likes to wear a round every single day.

This is Bryn's word for "to," even though she is fully capable of using "to" properly.
"Shay, you give that toy a me!"

"just joking"
This is what Bryn says whenever she realizes that she has done something that displeases Mommy and Daddy.
Mommy: "Bryn, I told you to put on your shoes!"
Bryn: "I was just joking, Mommy."

This word bears only a subtle difference in pronounciation from the word "mucus," but it is actually Bryn's backwards way of saying "music."
"Let's listen to my princess mucis!"

Again, a slightly backwards pronounciation. This is what Bryn calls one of her favorite Biblical characters, Joseph.
"Mary and Jofess took care of Baby Jesus."

"Tistin" and "Tistapher"
This is what Bryn calls two of her favorite people, her Aunt Kristin and her "boyfriend" Christapher.
"I love my Aunt Tistin!" or "I get married a my Tistapher!"

This one actually took me a long time to figure out, until I listened more closely to the context. It means "napkin."
"I all messy. I need a matkin."

A shortened form of "sandwich." I fear that Bryn will never learn the correct word for this, as Ben and I have started calling them "sammers" as well. She uses this to refer to anything from an actual sandwich to a cheeseburger ("meat sammer") to a cheese quesadilla ("cheese sammer").
"I want to eat a sammer for dinner!"

"Elibilis Fafit"
No, this is not some odd Elvish phrase. I think I mentioned this in a previous post, but this is how she pronounces her middle name (Elizabeth) and her last name (Pfanschmidt). Although I have tried to explain it to her, she hasn't yet gotten that she actually has another middle name as well, Meyaard.
"I Bryn Elibilis Fafit!"

"when I was big"
Although this seems to indicate confusion with time, which is very odd for our little linear thinker, we think she's just using "was" for "get." This refers to "when I get big," which is a common enough phrase for little kids.
"When I was big, I drink your coffee."


Anonymous said...

Hi Amy! Maybe she's just using some Spanish words early with the "a" / "to" confusion (although depending on how she says "a," perhaps her pronunciation needs work)?!? I can't wait to hear what our little one calls things - sooo cute! - Ashley :)

Ragfield said...

Hilarious! Great info...

Melissa said...

I forsee myself asking Rob tonight, "Will you eat a hummus sammer for dinner?"

Kathy said...

She's apparently brushing up on her Spanish! Oh, it looks like someone else pointed that out too.

This is Bryn's word for "to," even though she is fully capable of using "to" properly.
"Shay, you give that toy a me!"

amypfan said...

Glad you guys think that Bryn is some kind of bilingual child genious.... but unfortuntately, the "speaking Spanish" theory is blown when I specify that she also says "tomorrow" as "amorrow," so I guess all "to"s are "a"s, not just the stand-alone ones.

christine renee said...

My brother had trouble with the "Chr" and "Kr" sounds too when he was young. He called me "Tisty" all the time. It used to drive me nuts, but siblings do that. :)

Andrea said...

Very cute! Oh and I think you have something with "sammers" there. You should start a sandwhich shop and call them all "sammers"! :)

Joe said...

Jack uses "yesterday" to refer to anything that has happened in the past, too. It can get quite confusing sometimes trying to figure out if he is referring to something that really did happen yesterday or nine months ago.