Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

DISCLAIMER: This shiner was acquired as the result of normal childhood play.

Suggested captions for this photo?


AngieRenee said...

this picture absolutely just cracks me up! she may kill you for this someday... haha!

Kathy said...

"Don't mess with me!"

I almost don't even recognize Shay, it's been so long! What a big girl!

Ben said...

My head hurts Mom... can I go to bed yet?

Cathy said...

I can take you. You should see the other guy.

Melissa said...

Cathy beat me too it, I was going to say "You should see the other guy!"

Hope Shay heals up soon!

btw glad you're blogging again, i am still trying to get caught up.

Anonymous said...

Poor baby!! A "mug shot" before age two!!! Hope you know a good lawyer:)