Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Twos-Day: Bejeweled Babies

For this week's Twos-Day, I have to share Shay's new love with all of you. I was hoping that she would be my little tomboy, since Bryn has been a girlie girl since babyhood. Here's Bryn at 15 months, enjoying her bling:

Although Shay occassionally stole a necklace or a bracelet from my closet, she had never really gotten into "costume" jewelry--possibly because Bryn kept hogging it all. But this weekend, she got into necklaces (and bracelets and crowns) in a big way:

So here are my two gorgeous girlie princesses--guess Mommy will just have to adjust! Makes me feel like I should bedeck myself in jewels as well, instead of my customary jeans and t-shirt ensemble. :)


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! The jewels create just the look I was going for when I picked out the dresses the girls have on:) Can't wait to see the cuties in person in a few days!!

Grandma D

AngieRenee said...

what cuties! :-)

Krysten said...

So cute! I'm confident that Sadie would cover herself in jewels if I would let her! She's certainly always trying to rip any and all jewelry off of me! :)