Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Photo Question

So recently I've been scanning old photos into the computer. You can check out some of my finer moments of the summer of 2001 here....

This leads me to my question: can any of you recommend good digital or online scrapbooking systems? I want one that will let me:

1. Have a digital scrapbook that I can look through and save

2. Eventually let me print out the scrapbook

3. Not be too cost prohibitive for either of these things

4. A bonus would be if I could add other things (programs, notes, etc.) to the printed out version.



Chuck said...

Amy, I upload all of my pictures to flickr. A professional account is $25 a year (which gives you unlimited space on their servers to store pictures). I can put notes and whatever else with each picture. Also, you can put special levels of security on pictures if you don't want the general public to see them.

They don't do the print out scrapbooks, but do partner with other sites that can do those. And obviously these companies have a separate charge for their services.


Ragfield said...

Flickr. Photos can be organized into zero or more sets, and sets can be organized into groups. You (and optionally others) can comment. Photos can be public or private. Numerous (hundreds) of services integrate with Flickr to provide printing and other services. Membership is free for most features, or inexpensive for high bandwidth & unlimited storage.


Cathy said...

Eric got me the polaroid program, MyMemories. I've had no time to learn about it, barely opened the box. But I'm pretty sure it does all you want.

Kathy said...

The girl on the back row on the far right (Sarah W.) went to my high school & was in my class.

(Photo #4!)

Jenibug7 said...

Krysten said... - you actually can download it to your computer and then it will send you reminders updates when you have uploaded new pictures. To be able to print, you have to pay, but you could design and keep everything for free until you're ready to print. Some of their higher end stuff also costs. I think the yearly rate is $35, but you can do scrapbooks, e-cards, actual cards, and MUCH more. It's VERY user friendly and I've had a ton of fun designing stuff! Best Wishes!

Anonymous said...

I don't think cathy has had a chance to use it yet -- but I did a bunch of research on digital scrapbooking and concluded that MyMemoriesSuite ( was the best choice if you want to be able to both build "digital versions" of a scrapbook, plus be able to print them yourself on a photo printer, plus the option of professional printing and binding if you want it.